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10 Tips for Playing Minecraft on PS3


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Hello once more guys, Owen from Mojang, right here. Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition launched a couple of days in the past. We notion it will be good to get some tips from the builders that will help you research the fundamentals.

I requested across the place of work and gathered these for you. Hope they assist!

  1. By no means dig straight down! It’s so much tougher to get again to the outside, and it’s possible you’ll turn out shedding into lava. Lava is uncomfortably scorching.
  2. By no means dig straight up! You could prove with a head stuffed with sand, gravel, or the melty scorching stuff we talked about prior.
  3. In case you come to a junction whereas mining, and probably the most routes leads upwards, take that one. Discover the secure choices first, after which go adventuring deep underground.
  4. At all times watch your again in darkish locations! There could be one thing frightening in the back of you… waaah!
  5. Remember to deliver torches. Situation them first, then gather the tools later.
  6. Instruments are nice! Use them and improve while you get the prospect.
  7. Imply issues come out at evening. It’s most certainly smart to construct your self a safe haven earlier than it will get darkish.
  8. Don’t omit to convey meals with you when exploring. There’s nothing worse than going hungry.
  9. Iron armour offers nice safety and isn’t too tough to craft.
  10. Don’t appear immediately on the bugs. (That one’s from 4J Studios.)

Share your tips beneath, and have an excellent festive season! Don’t overlook to look your loved ones/pals between Minecraft classes.