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5 Methods to synchronize music with iPhone without using iTunes


Right here we discover the how to synchronize  tune with iPhone with out the use of iTunes

iTunes is the one default participant used to synchronize an iPhone or iPod Contact with a pc. Alternatively, iTunes is handiest appropriate with Mac and Home windows.

Which means Linux customers with iPhones must in finding in a different way to sync their iPhone to place their song within the cell instrument. As well as, there is also numerous Home windows customers who use different media avid gamers (Winamp, as an instance) to regulate their song library and don’t wish to migrate your entire library to iTunes simply because they offered a iPhone.

On this article you’re going to in finding 5 the way to synchronize tune with iPhone with out the use of iTunes.

1. Media Monkey (Home windows)

MediaMonkey is a media player for powerful and feature rich Windows. It is just like iTunes in Mac, allowing you to manage your music, video and organize your files automatically, etc.. In its latest version 3, it was made ​​compatible with iPhone / iPod Touch, so that users can easily synchronize thier music library.


To use Media Monkey for managing iPhone music, you first need to install the iTunes software (version 8.1. 0.52 and lower). Indeed, iTunes comes with the device drivers for iPhone / iPod Touch which is required by many third-party media players to detect and access the database of the iPhone. When you install iTunes, you will be able to use Media Monkey to sync your music.

2. Winamp with ml_ipod plugin (Windows)

For those iPhone users who use Winamp, it is not necessary to migrate your entire music library to iTunes. With ml_ipod plugin, you can synchronize your music.


To do this, install Winamp (version 5 and above recommended) if you want to continue with older version, then install ml_ipod (version 3.08 or higher). Connect your iPhone and start Winamp. You can see your device on the left side of the panel.

3. Sharepod (Windows)

If you need a simple and lightweight software to synchronize your iPhone quickly and easily, Sharepod would be a good choice and it’s totally free.


SharePod is nothing more than a software to let you sync your iPod and iPhone. In fact, the music player is small and does not offer many options.

4. CopyTransManager (Windows)


This is perhaps the best free alternative to iTunes. CopyTrans Manager allows you to organize your music and video library on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

5. Gtkpod (Linux)


Gtkpod seems to be the only solution to sync music to your iPhone Linux. (The former Amarok version works too, but Amarok 2.x does not support the iPhone still sync), but the run is not easy.

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