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7 Very best & Engrossing Android Launchers


Nothing confounds a self confessed good cellphone fanatics like us greater than folks with Android telephones who don’t but have an important Android launcher put in of their telephones. What’s it that we worry? Just a little further battery expend? Or the consumption of some MBs from the information packs? Anyway, no matter it’s, it’s indisputably no longer price lacking out on the superb aesthetics and far more suitable usability equipped by way of these wonderful revolutionary and developed Android Launchers.

Under we have now shortlisted a listing of seven wonderful Android Launchers that are immensely in style at the present time. The launchers are simply too tempting to mean you can preserve your fingers off them. Go during the record and take your decide amongst the practice fashionable and out of the field android residence monitor launchers:

Nova Launcher 

nova launcher

Nova launcher has been a favorite of a lot of critics and users alike. It is a fast, flexible and easy to customize launcher which features the best combination of Android 4.0+ version and amazing User Interface models. Once you download this launcher, it provides you with amazing functionalities to customize the icons, set up a scrollable dock, manage multiple pages and home screens and determine several different previews for the folders and background, at the same time allowing you to determine a custom pattern and a lot more. Its various salient features include completely customizable home screens and app drawer grids, options for reversed wallpaper scrolling and improved parallax effect. Easily adjusted scroll speeds and transparency of the app drawer, inclusion of various app shortcuts and a lot more.

Go Launcher EX

go launcher ex

This is a launcher, which other than being absolutely amazing also carries the trustworthy name of Go [from the Go Locker and Go Contacts and Go SMS Pro series]. The app is very easy to operate and provides a number of customized themes and simple management. The customization features give you full liberty to design your home screen the way you feel like and also provides a wide array of transition effects.

Its various features include over 10 thousand themes and 25 scrolling options, more than 15 default widgets, frequent updates and a lot more.

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher

With our cars and phones getting smarter than most of us, it was time that we got a smart launcher too. Smart launcher is well, quite a smart home screen launcher, with minimal design and complete ease of use. The app brings the entire home screen under a flower like short cut, and gives you an easy access to the used apps. Besides, the apps get a boast up with its beautiful interface, and the launcher also arranges the apps under various categories. The only short coming of this otherwise amazing launcher would be its zero support to Android widgets, unless we use a PRO version.

Apex Launcher

apex launcher

Apex is an ace amongst various Android launchers and comes with blasting fast performance speed and various power packed features. The home screen transition effects are super fast and impressive, guided with a look which is beautiful reminder of Holo. Besides, there is a wide gamut of user generated icons packs, which allows easy and complete customization of the launcher. These user packs are available for free on Google Play stores. And that’s just the free version – we have not even started to cover the benefits of the PRO installment.

91 Launcher

91 launcher

91 Launcher is all about exceptional looks and fancy themes, the launcher comes with an intrinsic ‘My Themes’ app, which allows the users to completely change the aesthetics of their home screen, each time they feel like. Besides, the launcher endeavors to make the screen as intuitive as possible, for instance it easily directs you to search areas after following a typed query or voice query. Besides, the app also has various handy widgets to provide you with an easy assortment of different useful controls such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Battery Endurance meter etc.

Buzz Launcher

buzz launcher

Buzz Launcher is pretty much like 91 Launcher, but contains a much more extensive and intense skins support. It provides users with over 50 thousand amazing home screens and attempts to completely change the user interface of the smart phone devices. With the help of Buzz launcher, you may get your phone to completely mimic Windows 8 or MIUI ROMs. Besides, the launcher also provides a range of multiple wallpapers and enables the users to use swipe in order to perform various everyday actions.

Launcher 8

launcher 8

For those of you who are completely smitten by Windows 8 phones, but do not wish to give up on their own androids, this is the launcher that you have been looking for. The easy to install launcher provides a complete Windows 8 lookalike navigation and gives a refreshing feel to the home screen – which includes the static and live tiles, which come to define the entire look of Windows 8. These tiles allow the users to get an early access to various applications of everyday use, such as messages, internet, phone, camera and alarm etc. Besides, the users can easily customize the tiles as well.


That’s all from our end now, folks. Do tell us which one of the above did you like the most? Also, if you are using any other Android Launcher, let us know in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Lucie Kruzer is a blogger and provides concrete information about Mobile App Development and latest technology trends. She is currently working as a Senior Content Writer with a leading Android App Development Firm, which supplies Android app building products and services.