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A first glimpse at Nikon’s new flagship, the D4S


Nikon told us to expect a D4S preview at it’s CES booth, but this early look at the pro-grade model actually comes courtesy of our Engadget colleagues in Hong Kong. They spotted the DSLR at an official press event, but it was encased in glass, which unfortunately prevented them from giving it a try and discovering if it was anything more than a prototype or model — but, in any case, it at least suggests that Nikon is largely sticking to its tried and tested control layout. As for internals, the company is promising a new imaging engine and faster autofocus, but there’s no word yet on the sensor — we’re hoping for an upgrade in that department too, what with the two-year-old D4‘s sensor having already appeared in a (slightly) cheaper model in Nikon’s lineup.

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