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A Leg to Stand On


Thomas Jefferson was obsessed with inventing unique stands for reading

Thomas Jefferson was obsessed with inventing unique stands for reading

In the world of hardware design, tablets have traditionally been seen as a race for thin. You can’t begin to imagine how many meetings I’ve attended over the last year debating tablet thickness. It must be one of the hottest topics in the entire industry, not just Lenovo. Every effort goes into squeezing the air out of tablets in order to gain a scant fraction of a millimeter advantage in thickness. Beyond actual thickness, we also seek to taper the design toward the edges to further enhance the impression of thin. Sadly, those pesky connectors and buttons seem to always get in the way of making the sleekest form . Do we really need them? I tend to prefer wireless solutions that provide freedom and simplify my world.

The Yoga tablet integrates high and low stand functionality thanks to a unique profile

With all the recent publicity surrounding the design of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet , and the mixing of a flip out leg for viewing and typing modes, it makes me surprise if this isn’t the wave of the long run.  At Lenovo we name these positions excessive and low perspective modes. Excessive is usually used for viewing content material equivalent to a film and low basically for typing. For the Yoga tablet, these modes had been uniquely enabled by means of a row of cylindrical batteries forming an asymmetrical profile. It may be finished with out the use of that kind, however it could be on the price of thickness. My favourite subject rears its head as soon as once more. I believed it could be helpful to train the excessive and low angled stand debate on this weblog and listen to the voice of the buyer.  The decisions are lovely clear. Both we combine stand performance as a part of the bottom product or we preserve this option enabled thru an adjunct similar to a case, or display quilt/stand. Simply remember that, integration drives both larger thickness or a novel profile. Suppose Yoga tablet profile or one thing equivalent. The asymmetrical profile of Yoga additionally varieties a deal with for gripping the tablet. There have to be a zillion accent instances and covers that resolve this inclination drawback in distinctive methods, however additionally they not directly raise general thickness as soon as hooked up. On the earth of goodphones, no person appears to care if their phone will get slightly thicker when a protecting case is brought. Is similar authentic for tablets?

I’ve enabled a snappy ballot to assemble your comments on this subject of hobby. I’m having a look ahead to seeing the consequences and riding for the appropriate answer sooner or later. Thanks upfront in your participation.

David Hill