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Age of Empires 2 vs WarCraft 3

      Age of Empire 2
       WarCraft three
 Mithun “Barbarian_Monkey” Mohandas
 Siddharth “staticsid” Parwatay
      Girls & gents, for RTS video games we’re gonna rhyme,
I’mma having to move first ‘lead to my opponent be missing backbone.
What our AOE kiddie right here calls rhymes,
Certain, if you happen to account for his mind’s dyslexic confines.


  Warcraft3 is nothing, nada, a ways from being equal,
AOE2 used to be so well-liked that it even obtained a sequel.
I say to him, in all due honesty,
“Dude AOE’s at best possible a blip in gaming historical past”.


  Warcraft3 lacks depth, ain’t value a homeless bum’s scrota,
The one excellent that ever got here out of it used to be  Dota.
Mass manufacturing devices is how n00bs such as you play,
Study higher micro, peon prior to you enter this fray.


  With 23 civs, 26 gadgets and seventy three techs to analyze,
You wanna discuss steep finding out curve, b1atch?
Good enough that was once an affordable shot and vice versa,
however the one factor profitable in AOE used to be bigbertha.


  In WC3, there is just one method to win, what a bore,
AOE2’s acquired Regicide, KOTH, Wonders and extra.
Mile lengthy tech bushes do little to provoke me,
working out your hero is the highway to victory.


  With 10’s of hundreds of thousands copies offered, that’s a legacy,
What’d you recognize of that instead of jealousy?
Agreed, WC3 has fewer forms of devices,
however each and every has its ability, and also you wish to tune it.


  AOE2 will get updates to these days and it’s on Steam,
And now it’s in HD are you certain you’re on the best staff?
Analysis is just right, however what of levelling up for increase?
Make a selection to be thick, however comprehend that Warcraft has each!


  This can be a sport that’s enjoyable whether or not you be on-line or solo,
Ain’t for the technology that busts their b**ls with yolo.
It’s this that makes each and every unit extra valuable,
Each useless grunt makes your enemy extra vicious.


  This sequence of video games complete as much as eleven,
from the place I stand, dawg you be a ways from half of approach to even.
Don’t speak about spinoffs, b3**h we received WoW,
Warcraft’s the shiz maan, then, and even now.


  C’mon, settle for it that it’s pity to your facet,
Subscribe to the AOE clan, you’re in for a experience.
Argue as you can also ‘til your enamel whittle to bone,
However after all, you bow all the way down to the frozen throne.