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Android 4.4 coming to 10 Micromax smartphones


The Indian cell phone producer Micromax would not instantly are evoked as a high participant within the cell phone sport, however it’s certain hanging forth an effort to maintain its Android handsets up-to-the-minute.

An inside record finds that the quantity 2 Indian cell phone maker will improve 10 of its handsets to Equipment Kat: the A250, A240, A210, A200, A116, A116, A116i, A111, A110Q, and A110. The leak does not point out a timeframe for the updates, alternatively.

Micromax is best possible recognized for its Canvas collection of phones. The upcoming Canvas Turbo is being heavily promoted with the help of Hugh Jackman, which most of you probably know as the Wolverine. The Australian actor was named the company’s brand ambassador back in October.

Celebrity endorsements aside, Micromax should expect a steady growth if it continues to produce quality handsets, with constant updates, at affordable prices.