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Apple Airport Extreme a Faster WiFi


The Apple Airport Excessive Base Station is to create 802.11ac throughput charges of as much as 1.three gigabits per 2d.

There have been instances when the wi-fi dwelling networking used to be fairly gradual and now not sooner than the nice outdated Apple Airport Extremenetwork cable. With the new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac this should change: He reaches on average over a gigabit per second, if you are not sitting too far away from the respective base station.

Apple is now trying to make the technology more widely available. With the new Airport Extreme Base Station, the home network should be up to three times faster than with older technology. Bad thing is that in addition to the $200 expensive base station (which is for a hundred more with built-in hard drive it) additionally a suitable computer with 802.11ac needed. Apple provides in the form of the current compact laptops MacBook Air Price: from $1000 upwards.

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Product: Airport Extreme 802.11ac
Producer: Apple
Value: $199