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Are there time travellers on social media?


Are there time guests on social media? Some researches may also be assigned for enjoyable too. Like this one – looking out the Web for proof of time travelers!

It began over a poker recreation. Astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff and his college students questioned if there have been time travelers amongst us, would they be on social media? How would you to find them? May you Google them?

“The outcome used to be a significant-however-enjoyable effort to tease out visitors from the longer term via sifting during the Web. Sadly, we didn’t discover any time machines however the search used to be however attention-grabbing,” mentioned Nemiroff, a professor at Michigan Technological College.

Nemiroff’s staff developed a search technique in accordance with what they name ‘prescient information’ – If they may discover a point out of one thing or somebody on the Web prior to individuals must have identified about it, that might point out that whoever wrote it had travelled from the long run.

For this, the workforce chosen search phrases in the case of two latest phenomena – Pope Francis and Comet ISON (a solar-grazing comet found out in September 2012) – and started on the lookout for references to them ahead of they had been identified to exist.

The researchers used search engines like google like Google and Bing, and combed thru fb and twitter.

Within the case of Comet ISON, there have been no mentions prior to it was once found out with the aid of two beginner astronomers in Russia.

They found just one weblog submit referencing a Pope Francis ahead of Jorge Mario Bergoglio was once elected head of the Catholic Church March sixteen, but it surely gave the impression extra unintentional that prescient, claimed the find out about shared not too long ago on the American Astronomical Society assembly in Washington.

In a final-ditch effort, the researchers created a submit asking readers to e mail or tweet one in every of two messages – ‘#ICanChangeThePast2’ or ‘#ICannotChangeThePast2’.

The invitation went unanswered too.

“I am nonetheless no longer privy to any individual enterprise a search like this. The Web is basically an infinite database and I believed that if time travelers had been right here, their existence would have already come out in every other approach, perhaps with the aid of posting profitable lottery numbers ahead of they had been chosen,” chuckled Nemiroff.