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ARM’s CMO on reports of 128-bit chips: “this is not true”


“Did you hear the comic story in regards to the 128 bit processor?” requested Ian Drew, Chief Advertising Officer and EVP of Trade Building at ARM, in a blog post earlier today. This comes as a response to the Korea Herald article claiming that ARM is working on a 128-bit chip for 2015.

Mr. Drew firmly discounts any reports that 128-bit chips are in the cards or that ARM execs will in any way reveal what ARM’s partners are doing.

“News reports have suggested that ARM is developing 128-bit processor technology: this is not true. 64-bit processors are capable of supporting the needs of the computing industry now and for many years to come. There are absolutely no plans underway for 128 bit ARM-based chips because they simply aren’t needed. Rumors to the contrary are simply incorrect,” says Drew.

He goes on to say that the current 32-bit family of ARM chips will be at the core of 10 billion chips this year. ARM is also launching its new ARMv8-A based 64-bit designs, which will soon hit the market.

Note that there’s already an ARMv8 64-bit chip, the Apple A7, that’s a custom Apple design. Drew is referring to the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 (those are replacements for the current A7 and A15 and will support big.LITTLE too).