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Audi’s Sport Quattro Laserlight concept officially debuts at CES


Audi's Sport Quattro Laserlight concept officially debuts at CES

Audi teased us with concept drawings of its Sport Quattro Laserlight months ago, and tonight it decided to show off the vehicle in the flesh (or metal and carbon fiber) at CES. Before we wax about the auto’s looks, it’s important to note the machine’s technical details, as they alone inspire a fair bit of awe. The car’s titular feature is its matrix LED headlights, whose laser-like light can cut through through five football fields of darkness. Aside from the futuristic headlamps, the car’s calling card is the combination of electric and gas motors — the latter of which takes it 90 miles per gallon — for a whopping 700 horsepower.

Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight debuts at CES

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Simply put, Audi’s crafted the Laserlight to look stunning from any angle. From the front, its rectangular beams offer a dose of futurism, and its large grille looks eager to breathe in as much air as possible while tearing through the freeway. From the sides, it’s difficult to ignore how the top of the car swoops down into its base, still leaving room for two seats in the rear. From behind, the iconic lights make a return alongside a carbon fiber accent, which can be found as trim in other areas of the hybrid. Of course, there’s still no word on price or availability, as the automobile is still in the conceptual stage. To ogle at Audi’s Sport Quattro Laserlight yourself, take a peek at the gallery above.