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BRRR its COLD IN HERE – NEW statement refrigeration from LG


December 18th, 2013 through LG Weblog UK

Streamlined, up to date and filled with options, the brand new American Type Fridge Freezer platform from LG has arrived, providing the last word in refrigeration innovation and sensible design, with an enormous capability to retailer all that meals you’ll want indoors for hibernating within the depths of iciness (or for unique, if you happen to’d choose)!

The brand new assortment is available in quite a lot of variation choices, so plumbed versus non-plumbed, metal versus silver, black versus white and water dispenser versus hmmm…no water dispenser! The selection is yours! 

LG’s Facet-by way of-Facet fridge freezers (GSL325 vary with water dispenser and GSB325 vary with exterior show) contain the emblem’s Linear Compressor technology that gives better vitality effectivity, advanced sturdiness, and noise effectivity because of fewer transferring elements. No longer acquainted with our distinctive compressor machine? See our quick video here which demonstrates the difference between compressor types…

In addition, LG’s latest innovative solutions keep food fresh for longer. Unique to LG, Moist Balance Crisper technology forms a lattice design to sit above the salad and vegetable drawers. The moisture emitted by the foods in these drawers is then trapped and retained within the lattice; ensuring items are kept fresh for longer, so trawling outdoors in the cold to replenish your salad and veg stocks is kept to a minimum! Additionally, the Total No Frost feature ensures even cooling throughout the refrigerator’s interior so you won’t find you need to defrost items stored nearer the back, or have warm items that have been sat on the top shelf.

Now…which option to choose? More details here to help.

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