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Building FFMPEG for Android on x86


FFMPEG is a well-liked move platform open supply multimedia framework utilized in open supply media functions corresponding to Handbrake.  The default builds for FFMPEG are Linux, Home windows, and OSX.  This weblog displays a technique for constructing the FFMPEG shared libraries for Android x86.  

The setup used for this construct used to be a VirtualBox Digital Desktop working Ubuntu Linux 12.04 sixty four-bit.

To construct FFMPEG for Android x86:
1.  Obtain the most recent Android NDK from http://developer.android.com/instruments/sdk/ndk/index.html

2.  Obtain the newest FFMPEG supply code from http://www.ffmpeg.org/obtain.html

three.  Open a Terminal and cd into the FFMPEG listing

four.  Configure ANDROID_NDK setting variable
    ANDROID_NDK=<your ndk course>

5.  Setup the toolchain
    $ANDROID_NDK/construct/instruments/make-standalone-toolchain.sh –toolchain=x86-four.eight –arch=x86 –gadget=linux-x86_64 –platform=android-14 –set up-dir=/tmp/vplayer

    export PATH=$TOOLCHAIN/bin:$PATH
    export CC=”ccache i686-linux-android-gcc-four.eight”
    export LD=i686-linux-android-ld
    export AR=i686-linux-android-ar

6.  Configure FFMPEG
./configure –goal-os=linux –arch=x86 –cpu=i686 –go-prefix=i686-linux-android- –permit-go-assemble –let-shared –disable-static –disable-symver –disable-doc –disable-ffplay –disable-ffmpeg –disable-ffprobe –disable-ffserver –disable-avdevice –disable-postproc –disable-encoders –disable-muxers –disable-devices –disable-demuxer=sbg –disable-demuxer=dts –disable-parser=dca –disable-decoder=dca –disable-decoder=svq3 –allow-community –allow-version3 –disable-amd3dnow –disable-amd3dnowext –permit-asm –permit-yasm –let-pic –prefix=$PREFIX –further-cflags=’-std=c99 -O3 -Wall -fpic -pipe   -DANDROID -DNDEBUG  -march=atom -msse3 -ffast-math -mfpmath=sse’ –further-ldflags=’-lm -lz -Wl,–no-undefined -Wl,-z,noexecstack’

7.  Construct FFMPEG for Android x86.  The embrace and shared library information will probably be within the construct/android/x86 folder
make easy
make set up

To examine extra about FFMPEG, please talk over with the hyperlink beneath:

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++This pattern supply code is launched below the Open Source Initiative OSI – The BSD License.