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Intel Extreme Masters Singapore 2013

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We are here in Singapore as part of the Sitex consumer electronics show for the next stop on the Intel Extreme Masters world tour. This tournament stop will feature the top professional StarCraft II and League of Legends players from South East Asia and Korea competing for cash prizes totaling $75,000. As an added bonus we are giving amateur players the opportunity to compete in a special League of Legends tournament where the amateur players have a shot at taking home $20,000 in prize money, not a bad pay day for both professionals and amateurs.

With both League of Legends and StarCraft II tournaments I’m so used to watching the professional players that I have come to expect flawless strategy and execution during matches so watching an amateur tournament was a lot of fun and brought a number of “what the heck were they thinking” moments. As with all of our tournaments we have live in-game broadcasters calling the action for the local audience as well as those watching the live video stream going out to the web. Now it was these broadcasters that added most of the entertainment value to the amateur matches. These guys are so used to announcing pro matches they were constantly being surprised by the game play and strategies, or in most cases lack of strategies. At any rate listening to them trying to keep up with the action was extremely entertaining and I’m sure a lot of fun for them as well.


As it is with every Intel Extreme Masters we have our Customer Experience Zone up and running with lots of games to play as well as the latest and greatest Intel inspired 2-in-1, All-in-One and mobile devices for our guests to experience. We also have our daily ShootMania tournament and iRacing.com fastest lap competition where the winners each day receive a Core i7 processor.


So far the event is getting off to a great start and we have a number of exciting things happening over the next two days so check back for the latest info. You can watch all the matches live or on demand at the Intel Extreme Masters website as well as check out photos of the event at our Intel Extreme Masters Flickr page.

Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support as well as managing the iRacing Intel GP Series. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with iRacing.com which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, recently making a trek from his home in San Jose, CA to the Arctic Circle, and back.
Intel, Latest Technology

Intel Brussels welcomes a new blogger

Hi ! My name is Julian Lageard and I’ve been working on EU environmental regulation for the past couple of decades. Europe can be proud of what it has achieved by setting the global bar from a competitiveness standpoint on laws such as the RoHS2 Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) which bans the use of lead in electronics. Similar legislation has been or is being introduced in 40 countries outside the EEA, the latest being the Eur Asian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan). However, whilst everyone applauds the goals of the relatively young chemicals regime REACH, we need to build more predictability and legal certainty into the system in order to attract significant new investment into Europe and before REACH is fit for purpose to proliferate out of the EU into other jurisdictions.

Intel, Latest Technology

Dawn of the Invisible Robot

Rooted in science fiction and taking hold in science fact, there has always been a fascination in the tech industry around robots. What’s exciting today is that the Internet of Things is adding a new layer to robotics through low-power, compute and connectivity. From wearable safety devices in baby clothes to industrial automation and preventative maintenance in jet engines, it’s the very small robots connected to each other and the cloud that is having the broadest impact. Today we welcome Matt Kwong to the blog with a fascinating and well-researched look at robotics in the Internet of Things. Matt is a freelance journalist living between Toronto and Atlanta who writes about technology, science, Canada and the South. See the abstract below and read the full article here. Thank you Matt. ~Valerie Scarsellato, Marketing Specialist

Dawn of the Invisible Robot: Miniscule machines with big-data capabilities at the heart of the smart tech revolution

Abstract: Today’s robots and the components within them are getting increasingly smaller and ever more invisible in products all around us. In the smart home, mobile apps control tiny computers in the thermostat, appliances and security systems. The Internet of Things — made up of billions of connected devices — is allowing machines to “discover the Internet” and promising to change the realm of machines at home, in smart cities, and on the factory floor. Companies are starting to embrace the digitalization of operations and are investing significant sums of money in smart systems that perform “predictive maintenance” — a way to detect when a machine is reaching the point of failure. Traceable merchandise with RFID tags allow beverage and pharmaceutical industries to better search for and isolate contaminations with unit-level verification. Traceability is a tenet of PLM, or product lifecycle management, literally space-aged software that allowed NASA to virtually test-run its Mars rover and allows car companies to run crash test simulations without prototypes. Minimizing corrective measures saves money, and products can get to a manufacturing stage 30-50 percent faster. Smart technology is also going into large industrial robots making them safer and Baxter, a humanoid bot that can learn tasks visually and understand human gestures. Just as steam power set the Industrial Revolution into motion, tech analysts call this transition “Industry 4.0.” The genie is out of the bottle. Read the full article here.