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Initiating the First Global Campaign for Printing Solutions

London to Amsterdam, people have been spotting a sign of innovation, literally. Samsung Printing Solutions’ new slogan, “Samsung. Printing Innovation”, has been making appearances in various cities around Europe. Innovation is definitely not a foreign …
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See all 5 copies of Lincoln’s handwritten Gettysburg Tackle on the Google Cultural Institute

Not quite four score and seven years ago, I was an elementary school student, staring at a classroom map, gripped by the (mistaken) deduction that since Los Angeles was in the southern half of the country, Civil War battles must have clattered on the ground outside my home. While a teacher eventually helped me understand that California wasn’t in the Confederacy, the moment led me to understand the weight of history and that it has shaped the world into what it is today.

Today, on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, we’re helping make the past come a little bit more alive. Three new exhibits now available on the Google Cultural Institute focus on President Lincoln and the 272 words that shaped a nation’s understanding of its identity. Thanks to our friends at the White House, the Lincoln Library, Cornell University, Dickinson College and the Library of Congress, you can browse high-resolution digital versions of all five Lincoln-handwritten copies of the address. You can also:

Comparing two copies, side by side

You can also contribute your own version of the Gettysburg Address to Learn the Address, a project by documentarian Ken Burns, who has also been reaching schoolchildren across the U.S. with Google+ Connected Classrooms.

Most of us will never stand in the Lincoln Bedroom and see the handwritten draft exhibited there. But now anyone with access to an Internet connection can explore all these artifacts from this defining moment in history—perhaps a bit more accurately than when I gazed at that map.

Posted by Amrit Dhir, Partner Development Manager

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Google is working on new camera API with RAW support

According to data from public Android source code, Google is working on new camera API. Support for camera RAW is apparently also coming our way, meaning that Nokia smartphones will not be alone in carrying the feature.

The public source code revealing the juicy details dates a month before the release of Android 4.4 KitKat. Other bits of data from the API suggest that in the future, Android might feature baked-in support for capturing images in burst mode, as well as removable cameras. The latter could include the likes of the Sony QX10 and QX100.

Support for uncompressed image files will greatly enhance the possibilities for post processing photos –both on the Android device, or using an external photo editor.

Welcome image quality improvements on an API level are also in the works. They should be particularly helpful for stock Android devices, which were never know for their outstanding camera performance.

Source 1 | Source 2 | Via

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Nokia Lumia 929 said to hit Verizon Wireless on November 21

A word got out that the yet to be announced Nokia Lumia 929 is going to hit the Verizon shelves this week, on November 21. The Windows Phone 8 powerhouse is rumored to launch alongside the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

The Nokia Lumia 929 has made a few of unscheduled appearances, but it is yet to go official. The Windows Phone handset is expected to feature the same specs as the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet, except for the 5” 1080p display.


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A Leg to Stand On

Thomas Jefferson was obsessed with inventing unique stands for reading

Thomas Jefferson was obsessed with inventing unique stands for reading

In the world of hardware design, tablets have traditionally been seen as a race for thin. You can’t begin to imagine how many meetings I’ve attended over the last year debating tablet thickness. It must be one of the hottest topics in the entire industry, not just Lenovo. Every effort goes into squeezing the air out of tablets in order to gain a scant fraction of a millimeter advantage in thickness. Beyond actual thickness, we also seek to taper the design toward the edges to further enhance the impression of thin. Sadly, those pesky connectors and buttons seem to always get in the way of making the sleekest form . Do we really need them? I tend to prefer wireless solutions that provide freedom and simplify my world.

The Yoga tablet integrates high and low stand functionality thanks to a unique profile

With all the recent publicity surrounding the design of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet , and the integration of a flip out leg for viewing and typing modes, it makes me wonder if this isn’t the wave of the future.  At Lenovo we call these positions high and low angle modes. High is typically used for viewing content such as a movie and low primarily for typing. For the Yoga tablet, these modes were uniquely enabled by the use of a row of cylindrical batteries forming an asymmetrical profile. It could be done without using that form, but it would be at the expense of thickness. My favorite topic rears its head once again. I thought it would be useful to exercise the high and low angled stand debate on this blog and hear the voice of the customer.  The choices are pretty clear. Either we integrate stand functionality as part of the base product or we keep this feature enabled through an accessory such as a case, or screen cover/stand. Just remember, integration drives either greater thickness or a unique profile. Think Yoga tablet profile or something similar. The asymmetrical profile of Yoga also forms a handle for gripping the tablet. There must be a zillion accessory cases and covers that solve this inclination problem in unique ways, but they also ultimately increase overall thickness once attached. In the world of smartphones, nobody seems to care if their phone gets a bit thicker when a protective case is added. Is the same true for tablets?

I’ve enabled a quick poll to gather your feedback on this topic of interest. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and driving for the right solution in the future. Thanks in advance for your participation.

David Hill


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Amazon announces an OS update for Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon released a firmware update for the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX. Version 3.1 of the company’s custom Android OS brings a host of improvements to Amazon’s family of tablets.

One of the most notable features which the firmware update brings on board is the ability to wirelessly stream video content from the tablet to another screen. Supported devices include Samsung Smart TVs and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Other new features are related to Amazon’s own services. They include the ability to find and share books with Goodreads, organize your personal content with Cloud Collections, and free up storage by archiving content to the cloud with a single tap.

Furthermore, the update allows users to print directly from their Kindle Fire. It also brings enhanced enterprise features on board.

The new firmware is available to download over the air, or directly from Amazon.

Source | Via

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Top Tech Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Parents are advised to baby-proof their homes, but what about their tech products? From curious infants to accident-prone toddlers, parents need tech accessories that can handle all of life’s messy …
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TYLT Energi sliding power case and Alin tool for iPhone 5s review

The TYLT Energi sliding power case for iPhone 5s offers a fresh approach to the popular extended battery case theme. It consists of a sleek cover which slides into a 2,500mAh battery dock when needed.

Established in 2011, TYLT has quickly established itself as a maker of mobile accessories which combine eye-catching, slightly quirky design and premium build quality. Read on to see how the company’s top-end iPhone 5s case fares on a daily basis!

TYLT Energi sliding power case

The TYLT Energi sliding power case for iPhone 5s comes in a nicely-looking retail package. Inside it, there’s the battery dock, two slim, slide-in cases (one black, and another from three available colors of your choosing), a microUSB charging cable, and a small extension cable for the 3.5mm audio jack.

The sliding power case looks nice in the flesh. Thanks to its two-piece design, the TYLT offering can easily claim to be one of the best looking power battery pack covers around, as most entries in the segment are driven by functionality, not design.

TYLT Energi sliding power case for iPhone 5s live photos

The slide-in covers impress with a slim waistline, and sports a clean look which consists of a single-color scheme and a large TYLT logo on their back.

As far as keeping your phone intact, the TYLT Energi sliding power case does the job when in one piece. It covers all the edges of the device, save for the top front part. The slide-in case alone however, is not perfect on this instance – it leaves the entire bottom of the device exposed, so it is mostly good at handling scratch-resistance duties.

Ergonomics of the power case are good. At 95 grams, the case is reasonably heavy considering the 2,500mAh of juice it has on tap. It is also easy to operate via a single button on the back, which also doubles as a battery indicator.

The buttons of the iPhone 5s are easy to access, while Apple’s Lightning port gets replaced by a microUSB when the power case is on. An extension cable allows access to the 3.5mm audio jack which sits deep when the battery pack is on.

All in all, the TYLT Energi sliding power case for iPhone 5s is one of the strongest entries in the marker for extended battery pack covers. Thanks to its two-piece design, TYLT’s offering does not require you to lug the extra battery pack around at all times. This quality alone makes it easy to recommend.

Alin screen alignment tool

The Alin tool helps users align a screen protector perfectly to their device. It is really simple to operate – you snap the iPhone 5s to the tool and apply the provided screen protector along the edges.

Alin screen tool live photos

In short, the Alin takes the headache out of applying a screen protector to your iPhone 5s. Considering its ease of use, it deserves a long look.

The TYLT Energi sliding power case and the Alin tool for the iPhone 5s are priced at $99.99 and $24.99 respectively. You can find them in the company’s online store over here.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review: Minor league

GSMArena team, 18 November 2013. Introduction The Galaxy Ace 3 arrives as Samsung's latest entry into the popular affordable Ace lineup, and targets cost conscious buyers with a competitive Android version and variants which include a vanilla 3G versio...
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Google Maps for Business helps drive global growth for T Dispatch

Posted by Mario Brandao, CTO of T Dispatch

Editor's note: Today's guest blogger is Mario Brandao, CTO of T Dispatch, a fast growing global provider of fleet management software. This post is part of our series on the Transport and Logistics Industry and the ways they’re relying on Google Maps for Business to get people, products and assets to their destinations faster.

If you’re like me, wherever you are in the world, you often depend on the knowledge of taxi and minicab drivers to get you where you want to be. And the firms that manage, equip and train these drivers are on a constant quest to improve the way their cars get around the many cities they travel around in. We started our company back in 2010 with the aim of creating an affordable mapping and dispatch technology that could be used by all sizes of fleet companies to become more efficient and more profitable.

Our clients tell us that drivers can spend around 30% of their time with the car empty; this is ‘dead’ mileage, which is costly and bad for the environment. We use Google Maps and an intelligent autodispatch algorithm to send jobs to the nearest driver, to find jobs within their catchment area and even to allocate jobs on their route home at the end of a shift. Controllers can create and dispatch a booking within 15 seconds, and we’re able to reduce time spent ‘empty’ by up to 50%.
We’ve found our clients love all the different features, too. The Google Tracks API makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where their drivers are at any one time, allowing jobs to be allocated more efficiently by dispatchers. And as this location data can be saved for up to ten years, clients can also use the technology to recognize trends and patterns and create more efficient processes in due course. Google’s snap-to-road tool even helps call centre dispatch managers to find out which side of the road the driver is on, which is especially helpful in some cities with complicated one way systems.

In the future we plan to integrate live weather reports, traffic information and use historical data to predict where busy areas will be, allowing fleets to anticipate where to send the drivers.

From a driver’s point of view, not only does the software help calculate the fastest route with the least mileage, but with Google Directions, drivers are able to calculate directions between locations before setting off, which prevents them from getting lost. Most importantly, most people are familiar with Google Maps and find it easy to use - which is important in a job when you’re often dealing with stressful circumstances like traffic and road closures.
Google Maps provides us with a comprehensive feature set too, so we’re able to offer our customers features like Directions as part of the package, which is a huge selling point for us. Furthermore, if we used some of the competition’s offering, every customer would have to pay a licensing fee but with Google this is avoided.

Google Maps has played a crucial role in helping us grow and move into new markets seamlessly - we’ve won clients across six continents, in over 30 different countries. I’m now looking forward to taking our technology with us to our next area of expansion - South America.