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CES 2014: Nvidia unveils Tegra K1, claims world’s first 192-core processor



January 6, 2014, 1:forty eight IST

Abhinav Mishra

CES 2014: Nvidia unveils Tegra K1, claims world's first 192-core processor

Nvidia kicked off CES 2014 held in Las Vegas, with their insights on visual computing and hailing “Next -Gen PC Gaming” as their priority. Nvidia shared their progress on how they are striving to make PC gaming as hassle free as the console with stuff like GeForce Experience. Nvidia showcased a technology called GameStream, a relatively new technology which works with Nvidia Grid in a way never witnessed ever. Something which we saw last year in Montreal, where Nvidia showcased the streaming abilities of the Nvidia Shield, however this time around it looks better than ever.

Now the catch here is the fact that it’s no more streaming in the living room. GameStream has been expanded, they apparently demoed Nvidia Grid streaming Batman from Sophia, France live. Nvidia says that we’ll be able to do it ourselves sooner than later.

Meanwhile, the first impressions of the G-Sync technology – Nvidia’s latest technology in new graphics enhancement for the gaming universe was showcased earlier in Montreal. Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang showed a piece of technology and called it ‘@#$!ing awseome”. A number of companies including the likes of Acer, Aoc, Asus, BenQ and more will be manufacturing three different variants of the G-Sync monitors for the market to be launched this summer.

This week Nvidia also announced the world’s first 192-core processor. Instead of naming it Tegra 5, it will be called Nvidia Tegra K1 as it takes mobile computing to a different level altogether. Nvidia points to the fact that 192 cores will bring about the next gen in mobile devices. Also announced for the Tegra KI was Epic’s next gen Unreal Engine 4 for the platform, which eventually brings PC level gaming to mobile devices.

And if you think introducing a 192 core processor in the Nvidia Tegra K1 is not impressive, Nvidia has gone beyond the single quad-core A15 chip to a dual-CPU-core processor based on Nvidia Denver which works on a 64-bit architecture. With the dual-core variant, users will be working with dual core CPU’s based on 64-bit technology made for high end heavy duty processing. Tegra K1 with dual-core being a 7-way scaler, can be clocked upto 2.5Ghz per core. This Super chip is ready to be tested with a variety of next gen applications like Nvidia’s efforts in the automotive segment.

We shall witness the dawn of a new era in mobile computing with this super-powered beast. What are your thoughts about the Nvidia Tegra K1, Do let us know!

Source: SlashGear

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