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CES 2014: Sony’s funny Vaio Fit now comes in an 11-inch version


CES 2014: Sony's funny Vaio Fit now comes in an 11-inch version

We have been quite bemused by way of Sony’s Vaio Fit range when it launched at IFA last year, and now the foldable origami-inspired tablet/laptop hybrid will be coming in a 11-inch version.

The Sony Vaio Fit 11A joins the 14- and 15-inch editions that were already announced, and the whole line-up will also be getting a juicy bit of Photoshop action, with Elements 12 coming pre-installed on each machine.

The Fit range lets you use the device as a regular laptop, a tablet or in ‘viewer mode’ which basically means as a tablet on a stand that’s built into the bones of the device itself.


The Vaio Fit 11A comes rocking a Triluminos display and ClearAudio+ for what Sony boasts to be top notch film watching.

There’s also a front-facing camera for video calling and selfies, and an 8MP Exmor rear-facing lens. The 11-inch device weighs 2.82lbs (1.2kg) which is a fair bit more than a stand-alone tablet (the iPad 2 is 1.33 pounds/601g, for example) but still not exactly back-breaking.

The tablet/laptop comes with a stylus which should go quite nicely with that Photoshop software you’ll get with it too.

On the inside, we’re looking at an Intel Pentium quad-core processor and SSD, although the exact specifications will vary according to how much you pay.

The Fit range will be hitting the US from January with prices starting at $579 (we’re waiting on international availbility but that works out as about £352 or AU$646).

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