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CES 2014: We’re here at CES 2014!


CES 2014: We're here at CES 2014!

CES time is at last upon us! TechRadar has touched down in Las Vegas for the largest tech express of the year.

CES 2014 does not formally begin except Tuesday, however there are many pre-exhibit happenings – from CES Unveiled Sunday evening to Monday’s press day – so that you can lock your browser proper right here.

We’ve got gathered what that you can are expecting right through the path of the week over on our CES 2014 hub page, and already the tech-stravaganza is coalescing around a few key themes.

Namely, look for plenty of wearables as well as TVs, TVs and more TVs. In fact, we’re already seeing a battle for bragging rights heat up between two players in particular: LG and Samsung.

We took an early peek at the CES show floor upon our arrival in Vegas, and it was hard to miss that both have banners touting in particular their curved 4K TV plans for the show.

Samsung TVs

LG is dragging a number of 4K sets around the convention center halls, among them a curved 77-inch 4K OLED TV and a 105-inch curved 4K behemoth. Plus, we’re expecting to hear plenty about the company’s webOS platform in due course.

Samsung meanwhile laid claim to the world’s first curved UHD TV in December 2013, though LG beat its competitor to the punch with its announcement coming hours earlier. Still, Samsung said its version is the curviest, so we’ll have to see who takes the 4K crown once the show kicks off.

Stay tuned for much more than tubes though, including hands on reviews of smartphones and tablets from the likes of Lenovo and Acer and Steam Machine news from Valve and its partners.

Are you pumped for CES?? We sure are.