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Chromatic Aberration Out Now on PS Mobile


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On Tuesday, we launched our 2d PS Cellular recreation, Chromatic Aberration. That is an authentic concept that makes use of borrowed components from totally different eighty’s video games. Because we wished the sport to have an awfully distinctive really feel, we needed to get the precise set of instruments to offer us the appear and feel we needed. After securing using SuperIcon’s Pixel Engine, we set about designing sixty four of essentially the most fiendish, insane ranges shall we bring to mind.

Chromatic Aberration on PS Mobile

Chromatic Aberration works like this: when you pick up a tesseract (little color-coded cubes), your character’s color changes to that of the tesseract, which in turn affects the platforms you can interact with. For example, collecting a red tesseract will turn you red. This means you can stand on red platforms — but will be killed by green ones (as green is opposite red on the color wheel). Conversely, collecting a green tesseract will turn you green. This means you can stand on green platforms, but will be killed by red ones.

Chromatic Aberration on PS Mobile

With the most recent update to the PlayStation Mobile SDK, we were able to add in PSN leaderboards so that you can compete with your buddies online to get the best score.

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PS Vita house owners can obtain these Chromatic Aberration from the PlayStation Cellular component of PlayStation Retailer for $three.ninety nine; Homeowners of PlayStation licensed devices such because the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia tablet Z, can receive them in the course of the PlayStation Cellular Retailer for a similar value.