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Coming, Google glass for your eyeball!


Think about this. A excessive-tech contact lens is ready to run Fb or Twitter proper in entrance of your eyes – in floating digital monitors dotted with data.

Washington-primarily based startup Innovega is arising with a pure eyewear-based totally platform – referred to as iOptik – that guarantees to turn out to be how we share social media.

The 2-phase device is dependent upon unique contact lenses that work as a filter to let the human eye focal point concurrently on issues very close to and some distance – the usage of rings that route mild in numerous methods into the retina.

This works together with a pair of different glasses outfitted with tiny projectors that transmit knowledge ahead onto the eyeglass lenses, mentioned a press unlock issued with the aid of Innovega.

“No matter runs for your smartphone would run to your eyewear,” mentioned Stephen Willey, Innovega CEO.

The iOptik platform offers wearers a ‘digital canvas’ on which any media will also be seen or software run.

The glasses are slim and outfitted with little greater than the micro-projectors.

“Our optics ship video games which can be really ‘immersive’, films that mimic IMAX efficiency, a multi-tasking dashboard that comprises 5 or extra standard displays – all whereas concurrently offering the wearer a secure and clear view of their setting,” introduced Willey.

“It additionally helps most any monitor or projection design as evidenced through demonstrations at our sales space of absolutely clear, panoramic, HD, micro-projector eyewear, in addition to a look-ready, megapixel, flat-panel resolution,” the discharge delivered.