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Enable Registry Editor disabled by Administrator or Virus


Registry Editor is a helpful utility in Home windows which permits customers to simply exchange evolved Home windows settings through altering registry keys existing in a hierarchical association known as the Home windows Registry. Regardless of being one of these highly effective device, Registry Editor shouldn’t be definitely error-proof.

A easy virus an infection is all it takes to render it pointless. Or, there are occasions when your administrator has in reality disabled Registry Enhancing. Whilst you attempt to open the Registry Editor in a single such laptop, you’re more likely to obtain the“Registry enhancing has been disabled by means of your administrator” error. Because of this error, it’s inconceivable to get rid of this restrict the use of Registry Editor itself.


This text suggests some workarounds for re-enabling Registry modifying in a pc operating Home windowsXP, Home windows Vista, Home windows Server 2003/ 2008, Home windows 7 or Home windows eight.

Let Registry Editor The use of Staff Coverage Editor

  1. Click on on Begin. Go to Run. Customers working Home windows eight, Home windows 7 or Vista, go to Search.
  2. Sort gpedit.msc and press Enter.
  3. Navigate to Consumer Configuration/ Administrative Templates / Gadget.
  4. Within the work space, double click on on “Stop Get admission to to registry enhancing instruments”.
  5. Within the popup window, encircle Disabled and click on on OK.
  6. Typically, Registry Editor can be straight away available. If it isn’t, restart your PC.

Crew Coverage Editor shouldn’t be on hand on residence variants of Home windows.


Enabling Registry Editor the use of UnHookExec.inf from Symantec

Symantec has created a small .inf file which will also be put in to dispose of restrictions on editing registry keys on the click on of a mouse. Most viruses, spywares, Trojans or worms generally have an effect on the shellopencommand keys which lets in them to run each and every time when a file of particular kind is completed. Generally, they affiliate their execution with .exe recordsdata. UnHookExec.inf no longer most effective permits registry modifying but in addition eliminates such associations.

Simply retailer UnHookExec.inf and install it by right clicking and selecting install. Installing the file will not show any popup or notice box.

Enable Regedit by simply running a CMD Command

    1. Open Notepad.
    2. Copy the code given below and paste it.

reg add “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem” /t Reg_dword /v DisableRegistryTools /f /d 0

  1. Save the file as EnableRegistry.bat. Run this file as Administrator if you use Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. In Windows XP, simply open the file. CMD will flash for a second and then disappear. This indicates successful execution.
  2. Log Off and Log Back On.


Visual Basic Script to Enable/ Disable Registry Editor

Doug Knox has created a VBS Script which allows users  to easily enable and disable Registry Editor. Just download regedit tools.vbs and double click on on it. This script reverses the present state of Registry Editor. If registry enhancing is ready to enabled, this script will disable it and whether it is disabled, it’ll permit it.

If the above hyperlink does no longer work, reproduction the code given under in Notepad and keep the file as *.vbs orRegistry Editor.vbs.

[box_light]Possibility ParticularDim WSHShell, n, MyBox, p, t, mustboot, errnum, vers
Dim enab, disab, jobfunc, itemtype
Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
p = “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem”
p = p & “DisableRegistryTools”
itemtype = “REG_DWORD”
mustboot = “Sign off and again on, or restart your laptop to” & vbCR & “impact the modifications”
enab = “ENABLED”
disab = “DISABLED”
jobfunc = “Registry Modifying Instruments are actually ”
t = “Affirmation”
Err.TransparentOn Error Resume Subsequent
n = WSHShell.RegRead (p)
On Error Goto zero
errnum = Err.Quantity
if errnum <> zero then
WSHShell.RegWrite p, zero, itemtype
Finish If
If n = zero Then
n = 1
WSHShell.RegWrite p, n, itemtype
Mybox = MsgBox(jobfunc & disab & vbCR & mustboot, 4096, t)
ElseIf n = 1 then
n = zero
WSHShell.RegWrite p, n, itemtype
Mybox = MsgBox(jobfunc & enab & vbCR & mustboot, 4096, t)
Finish If[/box_light]

After working the VBS file, if Registry Enhancing isn’t enabled, are trying restarting your PC.