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Fan Builds Giant GeForce GTX 690 Replica with 11,396 Lego Pieces


Peek_GeForce GTX 690 LEGO (11)

Some fanatics construct customized PC instances that includes our emblem. Others have created digital cities within the form of the NVIDIA claw. And various have gotten NVIDIA tattoos. A fan in China, then again, has simply hit our geek button, onerous.

Impressed through a crude variation of a competing firm’s pix card manufactured from Lego-model bricks, NVIDIA fan Xiaosheng Li, 23 – a freelancer for Chinese language web sites DIYers and NFANs – made up our minds he might do higher. Significantly better.

A Big Fan:
A Big Fan: Xiaosheng Li has visited our headquarters in Santa Clara, California and grabbed our CEO’s autograph.

The Beijinger kicked off his project in July by using Lego modeling software to create a digital mockup of his GeForce GTX 690. Then he acquired 11,396 Lego-style bricks.

Three months later, he finished off a humongous scale model – measuring nearly six feet long and more than two feet wide – complete with a working fan. His project caused a social media sensation in China after we sent over a photographer to document his work.

No Detail Overlooked:
No Detail Overlooked: Even the GTX 690′s PCI pins were recreated.

It’s a project that’s definitely catapulted its creator into the upper echelon of NVIDIA fans. He’s visited our headquarters, in Santa Clara, California. He’s got an autograph from our CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. “I think I have already qualified to become history’s most powerful Nfan,” he wrote in a Chinese-language forum post, describing his feat.

He’s definitely up there.

Big and Beautiful: Li’s model is nearly six feet long more than two feet wide.