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Five Fun Photo Editing Apps


Normal modifying apps are nice for skilled-having a look photographs, however occasionally all we need to do is have some enjoyable. Listed here are some foolish apps to play with and edit images on-the-go, instantly out of your HTC One.

PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt is a great, free, photo-editing app that allows users to manipulate photos in many ways. You can mask, add stickers/text effects, borders, collages, and artistic photo effects. It’s a great way to give a boring photos some style – whether that be with some silly holiday stickers or a fun artistic effect!

PicsArt 2


#Square – No Crop 4 Instagram

How many times have you been disappointed while trying to share a photo on Instagram because the best part of the photo had to be cropped? Not anymore! #Square is a simple photo-editing tool that allows you to avoid cropping everything out. You can now keep all the fancy detail and maybe add a colored border. Then, you can share the photo directly from the app to Instagram without having to worry about the crop!


This is a silly app indeed. Shape’d allows you to cut our your photos with a variety of unique shapes. Draw or crop shapes on your pictures with forms like a hexagon, circle, cat, or even a camel! (Imagine cutting out a photo of your mom…)

You can also choose the background color of your image and change the opacity. It allows you to write, draw and crop out text with different fonts. This is great one to play with.


Photogrid allows you to take a whole day’s worth of snapshots, or even some old photographs from your phone gallery, and use them to create a story. Select a variety of pictures from your gallery and play around with them in a grid. You have your choice of up to 7 grids in 36 different layouts. This is a great app for the up-coming holidays and new year!


This app is like an upgraded version of Instagram. Not only do you have different filters to work with, but you can edit little details as well.

Imagine this scenario: You’re at a party, you look fresh and chic with your new red lipstick on. So of course you take millions of selfies with your friends. But when you look at the photos, reality sets in. You realize you all look like glowing monsters because of the red eye and you have some lipstick on your teeth (that’s not embarrassing at all). Well, with Aviary you can banish the blemishes and get rid of the red eye! You can also turn your night into a meme or maybe even make a witty cat meme?


What’s your favourite picture enhancing app that you simply use to your HTC One?