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Google and Fb subscribe to forces in merchandising


The internet advertising community DoubleClick, a subsidiary of U.S. Internet giant Google said on Friday it would soon work with that of another heavyweight canvas, the social network Facebook.

Google and Facebook are rather considered competitors on the market for online advertising. The first was previously excluded from the advertising network of second FBX. The reasons for the shift are not specified in the short message when Google announced the news on his official blog.

Payam Shodjai, product manager for DoubleClick, it promises “a new way for our customers to be successful in cooperating with Facebook to participate in FBX.”

“Partnerships have always been key to the success of Google, as a wave that lifts all boats,” he says.

The announcement comes as Google has taken for the first time Friday the symbolic $ 1,000 (13.80% to close at $ 1011.41). Facebook has done its part for the week to a new record of $ 54.22 (3.85%).


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