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Gran Turismo 6: Andretti’s 1948 Hudson Available Today


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GT fanatics! For the previous couple of weeks, a lot of you visited www.gt6firstlove.com and shared your incredible first love stories, and witnessed the rebuild of Mario Andretti’s first race car that started his illustrious career — the 1948 Hudson.

Well, the moment is finally here. The Reunion video captures the magical moment when Mario Andretti sees and drives the rebuilt Hudson for the first time in more than 50 years. Without giving too much away, the video also shows the intricate process that Polyphony Digital goes through to recreate the classic Hudson in GT6.

The process includes data capturing, 3D scanning, and sound recording of the engine at all ranges of the RPM. After this, you’ll get to see Mr. Andretti himself relive his first love driving experience in the rebuilt Hudson.

To properly celebrate the collaboration between Mario Andretti and Gran Turismo, a unique Special Event featuring the 1948 Hudson is available in GT6 starting today and running through January 16th, 2014. The 1948 Hudson Superlap challenge will take place on Willow Springs International Raceway “Streets of Willow,” giving players the opportunity to be rewarded with the historic race car upon conquering set lap times above a Bronze Trophy Target. Players will also have the option to purchase the Hudson through the Car Dealership if they so choose.

Gran Turismo 6, 1948 HudsonGran Turismo 6, 1948 Hudson

Gran Turismo 6, 1948 Hudson

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“Gran Turismo is a legendary franchise with players and automobile lovers which makes it a great match,” notes Andretti. “Racing has been my lifelong ardour and gave me an unbelievable occupation. After we first began discussing the ‘GT6 First Love Marketing campaign,’ it introduced again recollections of one of the vital most defining moments of my lifestyles, and I’m so happy to share them with GT fanatics. PlayStation gave me the chance to remember that my ‘past love’ and to revisit what it felt wish to be a younger man taking that previous Hudson across the observe. I’m in point of fact chuffed fanatics are taking part in my story and sharing tales about their very own first loves.”