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Hammacher Schlemmer produces 3D tablet, glasses not required


Despite the fact that 3D tablets with out glasses had been on hand on the grounds that early this year, they haven’t actually captured the hearts, and extra importantly, the money of shoppers. Hammacher Schlemmer is having a look to alter that with the No Glasses 3D. It’s so assured that consumers will experience their product that they provide a no questions requested full refund to any person sad with it, together with a lifetime guarantee, which is nearly extraordinary within the mobile tech world nowadays.

The distinctive retailer is providing what it claims to be a modern 3D expertise on its tablet. Employing a parallax barrier over the tablet’s show, the display creates the 3D impact with out requiring you to put on different glasses. That is executed through the parallax barrier showing separate pixel units to the person’s eyes – very similar to the LG Optimus 3D back in the day. Unlike other 3D technologies, the parallax barrier is supposed to provide an easier, unstrained viewing experience.

As cool as the 3D technology on the No Glasses 3D might be, the rest of its specs seem significantly dated. The rear camera packs on a 2MPsensor and a 0.3MP for the front facing one. The 8″ screen is packing the rather modest 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. There’s no mention of the processor or amount of RAM on the tablet, but we do know that it comes with 16gb of internal storage with, thankfully, a micro SD card slot.

If the No Glasses 3D seems like your kind of bag, you can pick it up from their site for $349.95 by following the source link.