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Hands-on with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PS4


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is not a simple, upscaled version of last year’s critically-acclaimed adventure. It’s a colossal effort, soaked in visual enhancements and technical optimizations. Just when we thought Lara Croft hit her peak, she keeps on climbing.

One of the first challenges Crystal Dynamics faced was Lara herself — even though the team had smashed expectations with the impressive original game. A new head and face model have been implemented in this portrayal of Lara, bringing new life to the legendary heroine. Among the torrent of improvements made, the developers worked with subsurface scattering technology on Lara’s skin. This means light will actually pierce the top layer of her skin and diffuse, giving it a realistic glow.

Lara’s equipment has also been given abundant attention. Her bow and pickaxe clatter, bob, and move with her body, giving her entire character a renewed sense of authenticity. She sweats and bleeds like the best of us when put under extreme duress, and the remarkable animation and voice work continue to instill Lara with life.

There was no slowing down for Crystal Dynamics after Lara was reworked. The environments were handled with the same attention to detail. The world is packed with more foliage, debris, bits, and bodies than before. Dynamic weather sweeps through levels to bring smatterings of rain and lightning. Fog is no longer a singular, visual plane, but rolls through the world in individual motes of cloudy white. Smoke from fire pools at the top of rooms — a crown to the crackling red below.

Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionTomb Raider: Definitive Edition

And all this barrels onto the reveal in native 1080p, operating at a buttery framerate. Choosing up a DualShock four, Tomb Raider: Definition Model is ready as easy as silk; each and every motion Lara takes is a exhibit of the technical marvels in the back of the scenes.

Fight and exploration nonetheless really feel nice, and DualShock four′s options were put to excellent use. The touchpad can be utilized to gentle a torch or regulate the in-recreation map, for starters. When Lara picks up radio chatter, the voices play out of the controller speaker. The lightbar flashes a staccato rhythm when Lara opens fireplace, and it lazily glows pink and orange to check the sunshine of her torch.

To sweeten the expertise additional, Crystal Dynamics has additionally incorporated the entire multiplayer DLC, this means that eight maps and 6 weapons are brought to the combination from the get-go. The workforce even integrated the Darkish Horse comedian, and your complete artwork e-book, all available from the primary menu. Even out of doors of the sport right kind, there are lots of additives to peruse.

The motto of the workforce appears to had been an equal cut up between “Why no longer? and “What the hell,” taking into account the striking choice of enhancements to Tomb Raider, each huge and small. From further strips of tattered fabric blowing within the wind, to a whole ocean of water enhanced only for the heck of it, virtually nothing used to be left untouched.

“Definitive” may well be the very best phrase to explain this adaptation of Tomb Raider, which launches for PS4 on January twenty eighth. For these of you that neglected out on the PS3 model, your tardiness may had been a blessing in hide.