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HERE Transit adds LiveSight (and more)


Navigating an important metropolis the use of public transport simply obtained an entire lot more straightforward, because of the most recent update to HERE Transit.

However you get about in a big city, whether by bus, train, tram, ferry, monorail or even gondola, HERE Transit is designed to get you there on time and with as little fuss as possible.


HERE Transit still includes departure and arrival schedules* as before, but it’s now easier to find those local transit stations using LiveSight.

Looking at the world through your smartphone’s camera lens, LiveSight in HERE Transit plots the precise position of a local transit station on top of the real world.


This means that if the bus stop you need is on the left of your screen, you turn left and head towards it. The handy distance details on every stop may also help you decide whether you need to find an alternative route.

Want to know which busses will stop at the depot on the other side of the street? Tap on it to find out all the bus details, including times and destinations.

Enhanced routing options

HERE Transit now includes the option to select which types of route you want to take.

If you don’t mind which route you take, you can search for all route types. However, if you prefer to take the train and maybe a bus, you can select just those options in the settings. You can also select the number of transfers you’re willing to make, too.


The turn-by-turn walking directions have been improved in both the list view and also on the map giving you complete guidance from door-to-door.

To ensure that you actually get to each destination on time, you can now adjust your walking speed within HERE Transit to slow, moderate, or fast.


Quicker routing

The Nearby screen shows all the transit stations that are close to you. You can find a journey from any one of these by simply long-tapping on that location.

Ever-expanding coverage

HERE is committed to helping more people around the world get to where they want to go, and new cities and countries have been added, including: Sweden, Taipei, Palma de Mallorca, Israel, Mexico City, Taiwan, and Troyes.

HERE Transit now runs in 52 countries and in 792 cities. Out of those, schedule-based routing is available in 243 cities, while routing without schedules is available everywhere else.

For more coverage details, check http://here.com/help/transit

Obtain HERE Transit as of late and expertise a greater method to navigate a metropolis close to you.

Have you ever used HERE Transit? Inform us your touring tales beneath.

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