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HERE’s List of The Best “Drivers” of All Time


Whereas autonomous driving may soon be a reality, many people will still love the feeling that comes with owning a sharp turn or cruising down the open road with their favorite song on the radio and the sun beating down.


At HERE, we obviously love to drive and some more so than others. In fact, for some among the HERE team, driving is their job – so they must like it, right? In honor of those who have the prestigious position of driving our HERE True cars in order to map streets, signage and points of interest all around the world, we have compiled this (somewhat quirky) list of the greatest drivers of all time.

Obviously, Michael Schumacher has to head up the list of most amazing drivers. With a combination of speed and consistency, Schumacher, ruled an entire era of Formula One. The seven-time world champion racked up 56 wins from 2000 to 2006.

Now going from four wheels to two, the only logical choice would be the great Valentino Rossi. This Moto GP legend is nicknamed The Doctor and completely dominates the standings with 106 overall career wins.

But why should real life legends get all the glory? The General Lee from the 1970s show The Dukes of Hazzard is just as impressive as those guys. That poor ‘69 Dodge Charger took more abuse than any classic car rightfully should. Ok, maybe it wasn’t the same car every single time. According to builders involved with the show, there were about 256 General Lees used throughout the entire series. Still, that tough muscle car will live on through its crazy stunts, high speed chases and unforgettable horn.

However, if we’re talking TV personalities, the undisputed crown can only go to one person. Rumors abound that he’s wanted by the CIA and that all his legs are hydraulic. Of course the only person we could be talking about is Top Gear’s The Stig. His only job is to set lap times around the Top Gear race track. Dressed head to toe in racing gear nobody knows who, or what, is inside that suit.


But we shouldn’t hold ourselves hostage to the literal translation of the word “driver.” Mike Austin was an English-American golfer best known for setting the record for the world’s longest golf ball drive of 515 yards. That record was set in 1974 and still stands today. His signature swing, the Mike Austin Swing, is still taught by several golf instructors around the world.

To catch more amazing drivers, look for the HERE True Car as it navigates the streets of the world. Also, stay tuned to Twitter for our #spotHERE contest, the place that you would be able to inspect guidelines in regards to the HERE automobiles’ whereabouts and wager their vicinity for a possibility to win some superb prizes.