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HP may soon launch two large-screen smartphones



December 24, 2013, 2:35 IST

Ishan Verma

HP may soon launch two large-screen smartphones

HP’s is reportedly planning to return to the smartphone market again. According to reports, the company may unveil two new smartphones in the emerging markets like India, China, and the Philippines, and will be sold off contract for between $200 and $250. These large screen phablets will have six- and seven-inch display sizes.

These devices were in development for quite a while now, back in June. Senior executive with HP stated that the former ‘world’s largest PC maker’ has plans to launch a new smartphone. HP’s Yam Su Yin told PTI that although the company couldn’t share details about an exact launch date, the smartphone was definitely being developed. Su Yin also underscored the importance that smartphones held today by saying that it would be “silly” if HP did not have a presence in the smartphone segment.

HP’s last two smartphone efforts flopped, first with its “iPaq” devices and more recently with phones made by Palm.

Source: TheVerge

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