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In the Spotlight: Off to CES 2014!


Guest blog by Jane Loyless, Lenovo Forum Super Moderator.

Lenovo has graciously invited me to come along to #CES2014 with them again this year!  Last year, I got to meet Andreas Gotthelf from here in the forum as well as Gavin O’Hara, David Roman and many of the other Lenovo employees.  This year, David Gross, Chris Karrafa and I are teamed up to represent the advocates, and I’m looking forward to meeting both of them.  Like Andreas did for me, I’ve been sharing tips with them for the trip (stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, get your Twitter account warmed up).

If you followed the CES2013 board [Lenovo Forum] last year, you know that Andreas and I had pretty much free-rein in the Lenovo Lounge where all the products were on display, and we did our best to take pictures of every square inch of every product to share with you.  David, Chris and I will be doing the same thing this year.

Last year, the Helix was the device that I was so attracted to – going back to it again and again to hold it, seeing how it felt in my hands, poking at the screen, checking out the latch mechanism.  I can’t wait to see what will be unveiled this year.  I’ve seen the phone announcement that went out a couple of days ago, and I think there will be more announcements this afternoon (writing this on Sunday morning).

What are we going to see?  Will there be a new multi-function device building off the Helix form factor?  How tiny have they made the desktops?  Just how much ThinkPad is there in the ThinkPad Yoga?  As a co-founder of the 7-row-keyboard fan club cult, what is going to be my reaction to the new “buttons” in the TrackPad?  What is Lenovo going to announce that will excite me?  I’ll be sharing all those answers and more here and on Twitter, FB, Instagram and G+.

I’ll keep an eye on the CES2014 board in the Special Event section of the forum for questions from you guys and will try to get answers for you!

Have a question for Jane, or want her to take pics/ ask our execs a particular question? Do go to our Lenovo Forum and go away her a word!