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[Infographic] History of Samsung Mobile Phones: Evolution of Display


Again via the well-liked demand, we proudly existing the 1/3 different infographic on the historical past of Samsung mobile phones, ‘Evolution of Show.’ From Samsung’s first analog mobile phone within the eighty’s to folks’s favourite Full HD Tremendous AMOLED Goodphone, benefit from the evolution of show as you scroll down the web page. 


Samsung Tomorrow Hall of Fame Evolution of Display History of Samsung Mobile Phones Mono 1988 SH100:Samsung’s first analog mobile phone  1994 SH-770:3-lined display, sections dedicated for icons, numbers, and menus  1998.02 SCH-800-Do you remember that in 1998 text messages had a limit of 8 characters and 5 lines?  2000 SCH-A200:3-lined external display, 5-lined internal display  Color  2002.04 SCH-X430:TFT-LCD / :CD 18-bit(262k color) Monochrome-High-resolution color display clamshell phone  2002.08 SCH-V300:TFT-LCD/CD,  VOD phone (VOD services, such as June in Korea, were launched)  2005.08 SCH-B250: TFT-LCD(262k Color), QVGA(320*240), TV streaming  AMOLED  2009.06 SCH-W850: AMOLED/WVGA(800*600) First Samsung phone  to have a touch screen display    2010.06 Galaxy S Super AMOLED WVGA(800*480) Youtube /  mobile streaming / documents / images / video editing  2012.05 Galaxy S3 HD Super AMOLED HD(1600*1200)  2013.04 Galaxy S4 Full HD Super AMOLED Full HD(1920*1080) Faster response, improved contrast   2013.09 Full HD Super AMOLED Multitasking with S Pen in one click! Drag & Drop, MultiWindow, Large Screen FHD  *All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.


In case you missed it the last segment of ‘History of Samsung Mobile Phones’, we reminded you how far sound of mobile phones has evolved over the years. Moreover, since ‘sound’ is a universally appreciated subject, we also decided to bring you a special coverage on the Samsung sound design. Should you neglected out on these, be happy to test it out.



*All performance options, specs and different product data equipped on this file together with, however now not restricted to, the advantages, design, pricing, parts, efficiency, availability, and capabilities of the product are topic to vary with out discover or responsibility.