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[Infographic] No.1 Model in Europe has 25M Fb Enthusiasts, Samsung!


What number of Fb enthusiasts does the number 1 Model in Europe have? 25 million lovers often is the right solution. Then, what’s the primary model in Europe? Samsung! It’s reliable; Samsung’s European Fb pages have 25 million likes! And roughly 300,000 fanatics are ‘like’-ing Samsung in Europe per week!


At Engage NYC 2013, a conference in which famous brand leaders give social insight to global practitioners, Socialbakers, a Czech-based social media market analysis company and the host of the conference, announced that Samsung has become No.1 brand in Europe by reaching 25 million European Facebook fans, which is approximately 3.5% of Europe’s population and more than a 210 % increase from last year (Check the infographic in the end of the article for details). 

“We are growing approximately by 300,000 fans every week,


Suzy Lloyd, European Head of European Social Media Manager at Samsung Electronics, claimed that this success is due to Samsung’s analytical understanding of its customers, developing localized campaign strategies and using quality creative content that drives engagement between Samsung and its fans. 


Lloyd added that Samsung has been striving to become more engaged, a great listener, and more responsive to its invaluable Fans.

“One of the key focuses for customer care is to address concerns early. Facebook is a real early warning system for any reputation issues that might move to more traditional media. Social media has always been about engagement, listening and responding and that's what we strive to achieve. Our fans are invaluable to us.”


Currently in Europe, Samsung has established 44 Facebook Pages for 28 countries in 25 languages, which has enabled global outreach and localized campaigning. More than half of Samsung European Facebook Pages (26 pages) have just been awarded Socially Devoted certificates for customer care excellency from Socialbakers.


samsung uk facebook page

▲Samsung UK Facebook Page


Check out the journey of Samsung in Europe reaching 25 million Facebook fans in the infographic below! 


Engage Inspiration: Samsung Reaches 25M Facebook Fans, Becomes No.1 Brand in Europe

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