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Initiating the First Global Campaign for Printing Solutions


London to Amsterdam, individuals were recognizing an indication of innovation, actually. Samsung Printing Options’ new slogan, “Samsung. Printing Innovation”, has been making appearances in quite a lot of cities round Europe. Innovation is unquestionably no longer a international thought for us, as will also be considered with our TVs, Digital Home equipment, and Cell products. Then again, the time is correct to remind you that Samsung’s innovation additionally spans to printers.


Samsung Printing Solutions for Business


Due to advanced mobile technology, user experience and the usability of printers have evolved tremendously. Two of the most notable technologies are Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi Direct Technology. NFC technology allows any device within a 4cm radius to be connected to another device just by tapping them together. Wi-Fi Direct Technology enables the instant exchange of data between connected devices. These two technologies basically allow you to print, scan and save files with/to your phone. This becomes even easier with the Samsung Mobile Print App.

Samsung Printers_IDEA winners


This increased functionality does not sacrifice any of Samsung’s award-winning aesthetics. Samsung printers are known for their design and eco-friendliness. For example, three of Samsung’s printers- Origami, Mate and Clip– have won 3 Gold Awards at the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). For example, Origami printer is designed with corrugated cardboard and paper, instead of plastic. Clip and Mate have minimized their components, thus reducing the amount of resources used. One word to describe the design of these printers? Innovative.

Samsung Printers_Concept printers


Samsung has been pushing the boundaries of printer’s function and design. Recently, Samsung also introduced its ‘Concept Printers’ at IFA 2013. For example, Indie, Wave, Smarty and One & One printers are designed to increase mobile compatibility. Have you seen a printer with mobile docking options? Moreover, have you even heard of the term ‘concept printers’? As you can tell, Samsung is very enthusiastic about its printer lineups.


Why did Samsung Printing Solutions initiate its first global campaign now? Although ‘Printing Solution’ is a service for everyone, it has been more popular among B2B (Business to Business) businesses rather than B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses. Regardless of the economics, Samsung wants people to have a chance to be more familiar with Samsung printers and printing solutions. Let’s take a brief look at the most recent campaign by the Samsung Printing Solutions.


Samsung Printing Solutions Campaign in London Black Cabs


If you’ve ever been to London, you might have seen at least one of these, the ‘Black Cab’. ‘’Black Cabs’ are known as THE taxi service in London. And guess what some of these Black Cabs are wearing?


Samsung Printing Solutions Campaign in Piccadilly Circus in SOHO


This is the Piccadilly Circus in SOHO, the happening place in London right now. Take a look at the picture. Can you see the familiar logo and products? Not only resident Londoners, but also the constant crowd of tourists can get a glimpse of the world’s first NFC printer at Piccadilly Circus as they take in the scenery.


Samsung Printing Solutions Campaign at Rembrandtplein, the Netherlands


Let’s transfer to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Rembrandtplein is a well-known sq. in Amsterdam filled with golf equipment and pubs. As a result, it’s a very talked-about position for younger folks all over the world. Can you notice the NFC printers within the image above? In the event you plan to talk over with Rembrandtplein, be sure you additionally check up on the statue of Rembrandt, probably the most best painters in European artwork.


Beginning finish of November 2013, this marketing campaign will amplify to incorporate Instances Sq., New York and Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) in Milan, Italy. In the event you came about to be there round December, don’t be afraid to assert hey to it for us. 

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