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Internet Explorer 11 reaches 10% market share in December 2013


Consistent with the newest browser utilization knowledge from NetApplications, Web Explorer eleven has tripled its market share from three.27% to 10.forty two%. This brings the overall Web Explorer market share to fifty seven.ninety one%, which is zero.forty five proportion factors not up to what it was once within the month of November.

Web Explorer eleven′s boom is at the price of IE 10 and IE9′s and the truth that IE10 offered automated updates. Because of this, Web Explorer’s utilization is down by using 6.forty five proportion factors to eleven.05%.

Firefox, too, misplaced a little bit of its market share. In December, the Mozilla-made browser’s utilization slipped with the aid of zero.19 share factors. General, Firefox boasts 18.35% market share down from 18.fifty four% In November.

On the opposite finish of the dimensions is Chrome, which has won three quarters of some degree (zero.seventy eight%, to be precise) and in December stands with a sixteen.22% market share. Safari and Opera noticed their market shares stay flat with each dropping zero.08 and zero.06 proportion factors, respectively.