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Keeping Up: Samsung Tomorrow’s Top Campaign News for 2013


As promised, we’re recapping Samsung The following day’s highlights of 2013.  Partly 1 of the three phase sequence, we introduced you the highest product information for 2013. Nowadays, for section 2, we’ve the highest marketing campaign information of 2013. From sports activities, song to company social duty, Samsung has been participating with everybody all around the globe. Investigate cross-check one of the high marketing campaign information tales of the year.


Galaxy 11

Galaxy 11

About a month ago, we were told that the aliens have challenged us to a football match over the fate of the earth. Obviously, the aliens had underestimated the sport talent we have on Earth. Check out the full roster of Galaxy 11’s team as Franz Beckenbauer recruited the 13 best football players in the world.


Launching People Campaign

Passion is truly a beautiful thing. When passion is shared with other people, it is not only beautiful, but it is also powerful. Samsung’s “Launching People” campaign facilitates the process of allowing individuals to pursue their passions through support and access to technology. The campaign was launched in France in June of 2013, then spread to 13 regions in Europe, Latin America and Middle East in 2013, and the campaign is expected to expand even further in 2014.


Samsung Club des Chefs (France)

Did you know Samsung has a cooking class in France? Through collaboration with the National French Culinary School of Art and FERRANDI Paris, Samsung has set up the Samsung Kitchen Class equipped with the latest Samsung premium kitchen appliances. The Samsung Kitchen Class at FERRANDI Paris is scheduled to open in March 2014. We can already smell the fine cuisine.



NX Junior Photographer

NX Junior Photographer

The NX300 can shoot up to 8.6 continuous frames per second with its super-fast 1/6000 sec shutter speed. That’s pretty fast. You know who else is pretty fast? Usain Bolt, the Six-time Olympic gold medalist sprinter and owner of three world records. NX300 and Usain Bolt teamed up to provide photography equipment and lessons to aspiring young photographers under the name ‘NX Junior Photographer.’ Check it out as fast as you can.


Samsung. Printing Innovation

Having a nice printer in your office makes a lot of difference at work. A Samsung printer could be that difference. To let the world know about the difference a fine printer can make, Samsung Printing Solution initiated its first global campaign, ‘Samsung. Printing Innovation’. It seems like people in London and Amsterdam already know all about it, so it’s just a matter of time before word spreads around the world.



Samsung Galaxy Gift for Life (Thailand)

With current technology, helping other people who are in need should be easy. In Thailand, Samsung’s ‘Gift for life’ campaign encouraged people to help other people with “One Click Saving Kids” via Galaxy Gift Mobile application and Facebook to ensure the nation’s future and boost Thai children’s health.



Digital Villages in Africa

Digital Villages in Africa (South Africa)

The Digital Villages in South Africa aims to provide comprehensive support to improve health standards, bolster educational opportunities and increase the potential for people to lead economically independent lives. It does this by integrating African communities’ hospitals, schools, lighting systems and energy infrastructure using solar power. It has been a fine example of a corporate shared value. Also check out how to provide eco-friendly solutions for Africa.



GALAXY Music Project

GALAXY Music Project

Everybody loves Quincy Jones. How can we not? A few months ago, we brought you a story on the collaboration project between Quincy Jones and the Samsung Sound Lab called ‘Galaxy Music Project.’ This article is your backstage pass to the project.


Instagram Box on Lisbons Fashion Night Out (Portugal)

A large digital cube called the ‘Instagram Box’ was on display at one of Lisbon's most iconic belvederes projecting people’s real time Instagram photos. The Instagram Box was to celebrate the pre-launch of Galaxy Note 3 & Gear in Portugal. You can still check out the photos from this campaign on your Instagram with the hashtag #SamsungNoteFNO


GALAXY Team for Sochi 2014 (Russia)

Sochi 2014 in Russia is only a couple of months away. Last August, Samsung presented the Samsung Galaxy Team Russia for Sochi 2014 led by the Russian Ice Hockey Star Evgeni Malkin. Galaxy Team Russia for Sochi 2014 consists of top athletes in various winter sports and promising Russian sportsmen who will be competing in the upcoming Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.



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