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Keeping Up: Samsung Tomorrow’s Top Product News for 2013


We’re within the residence stretch. It’s week fifty two of the year, the ultimate week of 2013! On the other hand, we nonetheless have about 5 days left, so we’re going to cling on to it so long as we will! With the remainder remaining 5 days we wish to existing to you a three phase recap sequence from Samsung The next day. As the primary a part of the Samsung Day after today trilogy, we existing you the ‘High Product Information for 2013.’



Digital Home equipment


Fun Cleaning by Driving! Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner Offers a Smarter Way to Clean

Read the following to see what we are describing. The body of the canister vacuum swivels separately from its wheels, allowing for swifter and more accurate stable motion during sudden turns. “….takes advantage of its center of gravity for better maneuverability This is an actual description of the Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner. Science and Design are probably not the words you have been using to describe a vacuum cleaner, but you should feel free to do so when you’re talking about this product.


Samsungs Eco Bubble Washer Works for the Bear Essentials

Have you ever been to a national park for a picnic, then all of the sudden, a bear shows up to take over your icebox? Apparently, a similar situation happened when our Samsung crew was on set for the Eco Bubble Washer stills shoot, and a huge bear showed up! Obviously, the crew panicked. However, the real shock came when the bear took over the set. (Don’t worry, no one was hurt during the making of this shoot.)


New Digital Audio Line-up Brings Easy Wireless Connections and Rich, Pure Sound to Any Listening Environment

Here are some things you need to have for a complete movie experience at home; an above average movie, a bowl full of popcorn, THE perfect position on the couch… and a nice sound system. Not a lot of people may know that Samsung makes awesome sound systems. If you are one of them, check out the Vacuum Tube Soundbar, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and 7.1 Channel Home Theater System from the International Consumer Electronics Show.


Digital Imaging


NX2000 main

Samsung Expands Award-winning NX Line with the Samsung SMART Camera NX2000

4 months after the NX300 was launched, Samsung announced a SMART camera with some style, the NX2000. However, it offers more than style, such as 20.3MP ASP-C CMOS Sensor, 12 interchangeable lenses, and 3D Still and Movie Recording, just to name a few. Oh, did I just forget to mention that NX2000 is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology integrated? Just checking.


Samsung NX300 Combines Speed, Performance and Connectivity for Every Perfect Shot

Now we are familiar with the flagship model NX300 camera, but do you remember when it first came out, introducing the first one-lens 3D system capable of capturing both still images and full HD movies in perfect 3D quality, aka NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens? NX300 was also launched at the CES 2013.


Samsung Unveils New SMART CAMERAs for Shooting and Sharing Every Precious Moment

CES surely is a great place to show off some new gadgets and technology. The SMART CAMERA 2.0 and the first devices to run on it, the WB series, were announced at the CES 2013. The devices combine high optical performance and classic style with the enhanced connectivity of SMART Camera, the DV and ST series. Check out all the cool looking cameras that were announced!



IT Solutions



ATIV Q, ATIV Tab 3: Samsung Strengthens Tablet Business and Demonstrates Commitment to Customer Choice

ATIV Q, and ATIV Tab 3 were announced as the world’s thinnest tablet and a convertible tablet back in June. These Windows 8 tablets also have the ability to run Android apps, which is pretty crucial in modern society. If that’s not reason enough to make these gadgets cool, think about the fact that they are also S Pen compatible.


Samsung Introduces Industry First NFC-Enabled Color Laser Printer and Multi-Function Printers

We will never get tired of describing a product being ‘the first’ of anything. Samsung Electronics’ Xpress C410W series are the industry’s first NFC-enabled color laser and multi-function printers. With the NFC technology, all you have to do is ‘Tap’ your mobile device to print stuff out of it.


What Happens in IDEA Stays More than Just an Idea

If technology is not your thing, which is probably not the case if you have been reading this recap, we can distract you a bit by talking about some design. In this article, you can read about some unexpected award-winning products for their special design. 



Mobile Communications


GALAXY Note 3 !!

Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 3, Design the Story of your Life

Samsung mobile’s most recent member of the 10-million seller club was announced on the 5th of September, 2013. With the simultaneous introduction of the Galaxy Gear, both of these products have made headlines around the world, and, in fact, they still are. In particular, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 3 has been recognized as the most advanced stylus by many. Check out what you can do with the S Pen in this article.


Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S4: A Life Companion for a Richer, Simpler and Fuller Life

On March 2013, a smartphone that caught the world’s attention was introduced, the 4th generation of the flagship Galaxy S model, Galaxy S4. This article has been one of the most popular articles of the year since the 15th of March. Check out where it all happened.


Samsung Announces GALAXY ROUND in Korea

The world’s first curved display smartphone, Galaxy Round, was introduced in October 2013. It really isn’t an exaggeration when we say that the Galaxy Round is a Smartphone that strikes many people as innovative. As you check out the specifications of the Galaxy Round, feel free to check out the exclusive clip that was shot in the Samsung offices!


Visual Display


Samsung Unveils the Worlds First, Largest and Most Curved 105 Curved UHD TV

The most recent addition to the hottest news of the year is here. The world’s first, largest and most curved 105-inch Curved UHD TV will be unveiled at CES 2014. The size of the TV is obviously very impressive, but what can it project? 11 million pixels (5120X2160) screen resolution with a 21:9 aspect ratio. See this hot newsmaker at the CES 2014.


Samsung Electronics Announces Curved OLED TV in Korea

We cannot talk about the curved display without mentioning the Curved OLED TV. Many people might wonder why the display is curved. Here is one reason: The panel keeps the distance between the viewer and TV screen the same from almost any angle, for a more lifelike viewing experience. Get informed on the other technology behind the Curved OLED TV with this article.


Samsung Unveils UHD OLED TV at IFA 2013

With greater than eight million pixels and a decision roughly 4 instances better than Full HD, Samsung Extremely Excessive-Definition (UHD) OLED TV used to be showcased at IFA 2013. This used to be some of the many showstoppers on the biggest shopper digital tradeshow in Berlin, Germany. See the article to peer how large the show of the UHD OLED TV can get. 


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