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LG may release a G-Arch smart watch and a sports band soon


With Samsung making a major push to promote buyers wearable devices to pair with their greater finish devices, one would predict every other sure South Korean producer to leap in on bandwagon, too (cough, LG, cough cough).

Rumor has it that, in concurrence with the launch of the G3, LG will likely be releasing the G-Arch sensible watch and the G-Arch health band. The names of the devices are self explanatory, so are expecting them to have options much like the Galaxy Tools sensible watch and Nike gas band respectively. In reality, LG had a device comparable to Nike’s health recorder at CES 2013 referred to as the Smart Activity Tracker, so they definitely do have their eyes on wearable tech.

LG hasn’t confirmed any specific details on potential wearable devices, but they did confirm that they were planning to release a “wearable product” in the future. A debut at CES 2014 is a safe bet.

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