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LG unveils Ultra HD TVs, WebOS Smart TV interface and Lifeband Touch


The two big trends of CES this year were always set to be wearables and 4K/Ultra HD TVs, and LG has announced a slew of products across both categories.

First, the TVs. In total, LG’s telly lineup this year will include four new plasma series with five models in total; eight new LCD series with 25 models in total; 6 new Ultra HD series with 12 models in total. Among the highlights are a gallery-style OLED TV that’s completely flat and looks like art when not in use, the world’s largest curved Ultra HD TV — measuring in at 105 inches — and the world’s largest curved OLED TV, which stretches to 77 inches.

LG also used its CES press conference to debut its new WebOS Smart TV platform. In terms of hardware, LG’s TV ranges are highly impressive, but with the likes of Roku announcing its own hardware lineup, increasingly television manufacturers are having to prove they can provide competitively seamless Smart TV experiences.

LG purchased WebOS from HP last year and waving its magic wand, transfigured it into its new Smart TV platform. It sports a new launcher, with a left-to-right scrollable menu and voice and gesture input.

Keen to reaffirm its Smart TV credentials, LG reminded us of its long-standing partnership with streaming service Netflix, which is undoubtedly one of the most globally popular TV applications. One of the problems with Ultra HD and 4K TVs is that currently there is very little content, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced at the press conference that the service will soon offer 4K video content — such as the new season of House of Cards, which has been filmed in 4K — exclusively on LG TVs.

In the wearables area, LG has put the focus on fitness with its Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones. The Lifeband Touch is primarily an activity-tracking wristband, but as it connects to your phone via Bluetooth it can also let you know about incoming phone calls and text messages. The wristband design is sleeker than many of the smartwatches that have emerged recently — closer to the Jawbone up or Nike FuelBand — and offers a touchscreen OLED display.


LG offers its own fitness app to work with its wearables, but has also partnered with third parties, including MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper, to provide a customisable user experience.