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LG XBOOM – ENJOY the power!


Tune has no lingo, no faith and no boundaries. It flows like an untamed river giving soul, the appeasement, limitless causes to really feel the allure and dance to the beat of lifestyles. It has its personal energy to maneuver somebody and triumph over coronary heart and thoughts every time anyplace!

From soulful song fans to the peppy beat freaks, LG has give you a musical energy home to be able to fulfill all of your tune desires. Whether or not it’s rock, jazz, united states of america, pop and hip-hop and even our very personal Bollywood song, if you happen to love tune you must love this highly effective device.

LG XBOOM with 25000W PMPO, that you could get nothing higher than this. Each time you turn this on, we are able to wager you are going to really feel like you might be in a birthday celebration. LG with its revolutionary and out of the field applied sciences, meant to empowers the patron with comfort and ease.


Besides its powerful 25000W PMPO, LG XBOOM has some unique features like SMART DJ, AUTO EQ, BLUETOOTH COMPATIBILITY and  DANCING RED LED LIGHTING.

The Smart DJ function automatically mix music using sound effects such as Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, and Delay, while creating beats with Backspin, Crossfade, and Beatbox or using scratch and voice sampling. You can now be your own DJ at home! This amazing feature of LG XBOOM takes music on a totally different level.


If you want to set the tone by music genre, Auto EQ allows you to do that effortlessly. LG X BOOM also comes with Bluetooth Compatibility so that you can enjoy your favorite music on mobile devices with wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth™.

Moreover the dancing LED Lighting just adds another dimension to this exciting home theater devise. The LED lighting changes according to the music beats, which allows you to visually experience music adding glamour and style to your home decor. So if you are looking for a powerful home theater system, LG XBOOM has it all.

When it’s all possible, life’s good.

Check out more about LG XBOOM here – http://wwwstg.lg.com/in/home-entertainment/lg-CM9730