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Maximize the HTC One max with Accessories


Need to take your HTC One max to, well, the max? Then check out the array of useful accessories you can add to your new phone to take it to the next level.

Power Flip Case: Protect your Juice and your Phone

HTC One max wearing the HTC Power Flip Case and checking out his Instagram feed

The HTC Power Flip Case does triple-duty in style. First, you get full front and back protection from our Double Dip Flip case design with cut-aways for the charging cable and headphones. Subtle black on the outside, and eye-catching red on the inside, protects your max in style.Second, the case allows the One max to be propped up for easy entertainment – and the 5.9 inch, 1080p display will have you looking at HD videos in a new way. Thirdly, and this is why “power” is in the name, this thin case boasts a little surprise that will have a big impact on your daily usage: a 1150 mAH battery that will give you a 20% boost in phone talk time (30 hours instead of 25 hours).

The Power Flip Case uses the pogo pins on the back of your One max to seamlessly connect, and it recharges when you connect your phone the charger. It’s a truly seamless solution that boosts the overall battery power of the One max to a staggering 4450 mAH.

BoomBass: Amplify your Sound

HTC One max rocking out to NIN while bluetooth streaming on the HTC BoomBass

How do you make the already incredible-sounding audio from the HTC One max sound even better? Why, by adding some serious bass to the mix! Say hello to the HTC BoomBass.

This is a dedicated sub-woofer for your HTC max (or other HTC device) with a slide-out phone stand. It looks like an external speaker, but it’s not: the high and mid frequencies will continue to come from the dual front-facing speakers on your One, and everything lower than 193hz will be directed to the BoomBass. This gives you rich, full sound that belies the small speaker size. With a dedicated battery that will last over six hours of music, and simple NFC touch-to-pair Bluetooth operation, the BoomBass will give you killer audio wherever you go.

Fetch: Never Lose your Smartphone

HTC Fetch in a box for the HTC One smartphone family

A useful little companion to your big HTC One max, the HTC Fetch allows you to do a couple of useful things. After you pair your One max with the Fetch via Bluetooth, you can make the Fetch chirp using your phone. Lost your keys? If you have your Fetch attached, they’ll be easy to find. Have your keys but not sure where your One max went? Make your phone ring by clicking the button on the Fetch. You can read more about what the Fetch can do for you in this blog post: Tired of Losing Your Phone? Meet the HTC Fetch.

You can further boost the awesome-factor of your HTC One max with the official HTC stylus, and the amazingly diverse HTC Mini+.