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Meet the winners of the Instagram Yellow, Orange and Green comp


Last month on Nokia Instagram, we challenged you to go bold and beautiful. Why? Because we wanted to celebrate the launch of the boldly bright Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 smartphones.

In honour of these vibrant beauties, we invited you to Instagram your best pics featuring yellow, orange and green. And, just as we expected, you delivered with a multi-coloured bang. In fact, there were over 11 thousand entries to choose from. Needless to say it was a titanic struggle picking the five lucky winners, but we battled on and can now proudly presently the result. So without further ado, but with a suitably grand drum-roll, here they are shortlistees first, followed by the winners.

The Shortlisted


By bjh_101


By Leopanton


By annuphoto


By rtrocks2


By rites1994

The Winners



By alfipratama


Ten wonderfully summer time bright photos from ten wonderful Instagramers. The five fantastic winning contestants will each get a brand new Lumia 630 with three different coloured Lumia 630 shells. For the shortlistees the knowledge that they beat over 11 thousand other sharp shooters to get their fabulous photos showcased here. Needless to say, we think everyone who entered is a winner, but we’d love to hear your top pics from this bold and beautiful gallery.