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Mercedes groups up with Pebble for wearable tech


So you need to be extra related to your automotive? Neatly if you happen to’re wearing a brand new Mercedes-Benz, then Pebble has simply the sensiblewatch for you. They’ve teamed up with the long-lasting German car producer to create a wrist-watch type piece of wearable tech that must be on hand in 2014.

The Mercedes Benz/Pebble product and all of its small print shall be unveiled at CES between January 7-10. It’s protected to suppose that the goodwatch will work with Mercedes’ already present smartphone software: Digital Drive Style.

With Drive Style, users can read their fuel gauges, locate where their car is, check their door-lock status, and read their odometer, all from their smartphones.

Mercedes has ventured into wearables territory in the past. There were previous reports of the auto maker making a Google Glass application for its vehicles.

Be sure to stay tuned for our coverage of CES 2014 where we will have more info on the Mercedes Pebble wearable when it is officially revealed.