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Meshcentral.com – Advanced Intel(R) Galileo Usages


It’s time for another update on Meshcentral. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of interest in using the Mesh framework for Internet-of-Things usages. The Intel® Galileo board is Intel’s early entry in this space and today we are announcing the release of a new document and associated files to demonstrate three new usages that combine Meshcentral and Intel® Galileo boards. These usages will help developers and users get the most out of a cloud connected Intel® Galileo device by taking advantage of the board’s powerful network connectivity and the mesh infrastructure. The three new usages are:

  • Mesh Messaging. Allows a user to send and receive messages from a web page to Intel® Galileo or between Intel® Galileo devices. This is much like having an internet chat session with every deployed Intel® Galileo device. The result is that we can use the mesh infrastructure to allow web application to have two-way conversation with one or many remote Intel® Galileo devices at once and easily enable many new remote management and control usages. In addition, the system can be used to discover and communicate with other devices on the same network, or to communicate between devices over the Internet, even if behind NAT, double-NAT or HTTP proxies.
  • Arduino IDE Meshcentral Sketch Upload Extension. Developed by Matt Royer, this extension allows users to take a standard sketches created within the Intel® Galileo Arduino software and upload it to the Galileo Arduino device through Meshcentral framework. The extension modifies the Arduino development environment so that developers can upload the new sketch to one or more Intel® Galileo devices with the click of the “upload” button. The Arduino environment will take care of authenticating, uploading and remotely executing the new sketch. This feature uses the remote task enumeration and remote process control that is in the new Mesh Agent v175 that was released a few days ago.
  • Web based sketch management. Developed by Matt Primrose, this web site allows the user to quickly enumerate all of the Intel® Galileo devices connected to a Meshcentral.com account and remotely upload and manage running sketches. You can use the site to start and stop sketches and have one or more sketches running on at the same time on remote devices. The net result is a full demonstration of what a web based application can do managing many Intel® Galileo devices at once using mesh infrastructure opening up opportunities for many usages where many board are operating all over the Internet and managed with a single web portal.

These three new usages are described in a new document “Advanced Mesh Usages for Intel® Galileo Boards” that comes with an associated file package that includes the new Arduino sketches, Arduino IDE upload extension and management web site. Additionally, some of these new usages are not limited to Arduino. If you are running any other mesh or devices or running Intel® Galileo with a different operating system, much of the code and techniques presented here can also be re-used. Feel free to contract us for more details.


The brand new Mesh Galileo bundle incorporates a Arduino Sketch that communicates with the Mesh Agent
enabling two method conversation between the Sketch, the Meshcentral.com website and different devices.

The brand new Arduino Sketch Add Extension permits builders to add and run new Sketches the use of
Meshcentral.com over the Web as a substitute of the usage of the USB-over-serial hyperlink, and this, proper within the Arduino IDE.

That you can now choose “Intel® Galileo managed via Meshcentral” within the Arduino setting.

The all new Intel® Galileo Sketch Administration pattern portal lets in far flung add, execute and administration of many
sketches immediately on any far flung device. Turns any Intel® Galileo device into an influence cloud managed device.