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Mission Possible: The GALAXY Note 3 & Gear Mission Days in Switzerland


The GALAXY Be aware three + Tools Mission days & advertising experience used to be held on the top class shopping center Shilcity in Zurich from November 6th to ninth. This adventure generated buzz and consciousness amongst  folks by using showcasing GALAXY Be aware products together with the brand new stylish and hip type icon, GALAXY Tools.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8horFmb_RA]


After the a success “All eyes on S4” marketing campaign with Swisscom, which reached greater than three million views on Youtubelast summer season, the media consideration used to be excessive and neatly perceived on web site. Moreover, folks have been animated to take part on the missions or take the chance to purchase a GALAXY Observe three for a different supply.


The GALAXY Note 3 & Gear Mission Days configuration


The missions took place on the 8th and 9th presented by the famous TV host Guelsha Adilji, who previously hosted the S4 Launch event in April as well.


The GALAXY Note 3 & Gear Mission Days participant


The participants were asked to perform specific or multiple functions on GALAXY Note 3 and Gear within a certain time limit. In total, 13 Missions were laid out and repeatedly carried out during these 2 mission days.


The Missions at the GALAXY Note 3 & Gear Mission Days


For instance, participants had to add 5 friends on Facebook in 5 minutes by just communicating via S Pen, buy 5 different products for a specific amount by using the calculator on GALAXY Note 3, compete against each other by drawing with the S Pen on the GALAXY Note 3 to get the quickest match from the public and so on.


Participants at the GALAXY Note 3 & Gear Mission Days


Different levels were set up for the missions to spice up the whole event and make it  more unpredictable. Some of the participants, or rather “mission agents”, fulfilled their missions and received a prize, a GALAXY Note 3 and Gear! Other unfortunate agents, who failed the mission, returned to home with a small consolation prize.


The event was extremely well received by the visitors. Guelsha was greeted by avid cheers during her mission hosting and the participants seemed to be very satisfied by it. Around 18,100 followed the event, sharing their excitements and interests about the products.


The GALAXY Note 3 & Gear Mission Days was a successful event


Alex Tschobokdji, head of selling at SESG, says that “We’re going to proceed planning inventive occasions like this to interact our buyers”.


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