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Moto X gets permanently priced at $399 off contract


After getting handled to a few substantial discounts recently, the Moto X received a permanent off contract price cut. The characterful Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone is now available for $399 for 16GB version without any carrier obligations.

A Moto X with 32GB of built-in memory now costs $449. The new pricing for the Moto X includes customized devices from Moto Maker, and is available on all carriers in the United States. Interest-free financing is also on offer, allowing customers to pay off their Moto X over 6, 12, or 18 months.

Motorola’s aggressive off contract price tag falls in line with a recent shift in service princing by the carriers in the United States. Cheaper, contract-free plans which don’t charge customers for device subsidies are quickly gaining popularity on the US market.

Despite its brand new price tag, the Moto X is not the cheapest smartphone Motorola has to offer. This privilege goes to the Moto G, whose starting price of $179 makes it a downright impulse buy in the US.