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Navigating the Information Revolution – Healthcare Big Data


Via Alice Borrelli, director of International Healthcare Coverage for Intel 

All over nowadays’s discussion board, hosted by means of Intel Employer, The Aspen Institute and Bipartisan Coverage Heart, we will be able to talk about how the promise of technology fixing society’s advanced targets will depend, partially, on how we take care of the guidelines explosion. And, nowhere is the problem extra evident than in personalised drugs the place the human genome consists of three billion DNA primarily based pairs. Intel and our companions are compressing  processing time for genome sequencing to speed up focused and personalised medication.  

In a brand new coverage paper – Compute for Personalized Medicine — Intel gives seven policy recommendations that will accelerate the usage of this critically important health information. We invite policy makers to join us in the quest to make genomics information accessible and clinically useful by considering the following recommendations: 

  1.  Share  the Data:  Create and ensure the interoperability of technical standards for managing and sharing sequenced data in research and clinical samples.
  2.  Show me the Evidence:  Determine clear guidelines for data sharing from clinical trials.
  3. Streamline privacy regulations:  Harmonize existing privacy laws to protect patient data while offering a pathway to maximizing the research data available today.
  4. Show me the Money: Provide reimbursement models for clinical use of genomics and predictive modeling.
  5. Clarify the Regulations :  Provide guidance to reduce the regulatory overlap between CMS and FDA.
  6.  Protect My Predictions: Ensure that current genomic privacy laws provide adequate coverage for non-discrimination.
  7. Bring it Now:  Integrate the scientific discoveries into everyday clinical usage.

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