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New smart home tech will care for your loved ones


Jonathan Chan, Reviewed.com / USA TODAY 12:fifty four p.m. EST January 6, 2014

Alarm.com introduced the Health Application at CES 2014, which makes use of aforementioned firm’s older security suite to monitor the well-being of the elderly.

Far from being a contemporary Big Brother, the system provides real-time info on your loved ones whereabouts and well being, all without the use of intrusive cameras. The system uses a combination of bed presence monitors, motion sensors and panic buttons, to track movement and alert users and caregivers of any unexpected changes in routine.

The system also lets you know if the home healthcare worker comes on time. Plus, as a further justification for the installation fees, the system doubles up as a security system.

The major downside of Wellness is its price tag. The various sensors cost about $99 a pop, not including the cost of installation. And, in the end, being present is the most effective form of monitoring.

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