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Nokia Lumia 1520: share your tales


In the back of each nice second there’s a nice story. Launching the Lumia 1520 is a great moment for us, a big moment even, quite literally! And since we love stories, we thought we could share one about the birth of our first 6″ HD display phone. With its amazing 20 megapixel camera and super-fast processing speeds, here’s how the Lumia 1520 came to be…

Nokia Lumia 1520 infographic

Now over to you! What’s your story?

Whether it’s a tweet, an image, a Vine or a video… we want you to use the #LumiaStories hashtag to tell us one of your stories.

We love funny stories, heroic stories, sad stories, love stories… all stories! We will share our favourites and also send some Nokia Connects swag to some of you too!

To whet your appetite, here’s something I made earlier

image credit david detko

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