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Nokia Normandy, budget Android smartphone rumoured for 2014 release



December 12, 2013, four:fifty five IST

Abhinav Mishra

Nokia Normandy, budget Android smartphone rumoured for 2014 release

Nokia, which has been launching a slew of Windows Phone devices seems to be finally making its foray in the Android category of smartphones, according to a report from The Verge’s Tom Warren.

The report cites that the Finnish handset giant has been working on its first Android phone, codenamed Normandy. Twitter leakster @eveleaks revealed last month an image of the rumoured Nokia Normady. However, the leaked image shows lack of hardware shutter button, capacitive buttons and LED flash suggested that this mystery device was most likely an Asha, aimed at budget buyers and emerging markets, expected to be launched in 2014.

Apparently, the report also states that Nokia is rather taking Amazon’s lead, working on a forked version of Android that will not be associated with Google services, implying that Nokia will full leverage over the device’s OS, much like the Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet range.

Multiple sources have revealed to The Verge that Nokia employees working on Normandy were told that the device is scheduled for a 2014 release, with one insider who describes the Nokia Normandy efforts as ‘Full steam ahead’. This suggests what Nokia intends to do with its Asha range, targeted at budget buyers who with the ability to have access to more traditional smartphone apps.

Nokia has been working on Android powered phones despite Microsoft’s plans to acquire the Nokia’s handset business. So the question here is whether Nokia will release the handset before its deal with Microsoft is finalised.

However, contradicting the above rumours, former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop said in July that the company has made the right call by choosing Windows over Android, first reported by The Guardian. Earlier reports also revealed that Nokia apparently experimented with Android for Lumia devices.

Currently, Nokia accounts for 80 percent of all Windows Phone sales. While Samsung and HTC have also made Windows Phones in the past, the poor sales number of these devices seems to have deterred them from heavily investing in the platform.

It seems almost inevitable if Nokia wants to recapture its fast depleting market share, could this be Nokia’s next Android phone – we’ll be waiting for announcement.

Source: TheVerge


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